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Legal topics, paperwork and administering industrial property rights are important parts of a successful business. Startups face issues regarding employment contracts, patents, trade marks, shareholder agreements, taxation, and many more on a constant basis. That is why it is crucial to have a good legal guidence and intellectual property professional on your side to support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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Michael Baier
Wenger & Vieli
T +41 79 393 38 34
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Piroska Poltera
Badertscher Attorneys at Law
T +41 76 575 30 15
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Nicolai Nuber
Kellerhals Carrard
T +41 58 200 39 37
Christian Schönfeld
Counsel Prager Dreifuss
T +41 44 254 55 55
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Michael Mosimann
Eversheds Sutherland
T +41 44 204 90 90
Startup Desk Walder Wyss
Walder Wyss Attorneys at Law
T Individual phone numbers under the link below
Nicolas Keller
Partner at schochauer Attorneys at Law
T +41 71 227 84 84
LEXR is a tech-powered law firm based in Switzerland and Germany, with a focus on tech, fintech & digital companies.
A capital increase is a complex and time-consuming process. We have therefore developed a platform that allows you to complete all formal and legal tasks simply, efficiently and correctly in a structured process. Thanks to our intelligent platform, you do not need any prior legal knowledge. With us, you can carry out your next capital increase faster and up to 50% cheaper compared to previous approaches.
The IPI is the federal government's central point of contact for all questions concerning patents, trademarks, geographical designations of origin, design protection and copyright.
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Our legal partners (Badertscher, Wenger Vieli, Eversheds Sutherland, and Kellerhals Carrard) have provided us and you with some useful legal templates so you can focus on making your customers happy instead of on legal jargon. Below you can find templates for employment contracts, loan agreements, and Non-disclosure agreements in English and German.

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  • There is no obligation for you as a startup.
  • The lawyer does not draw up contracts within the 30 minutes consultation period.
  • The lawyer does not revise nor finalise any legal documents received from a startup within the 30 minutes consultation period.
  • The consultation time is not intended for the lawyer to answer as many decision questions (yes or no) as possible.
  • You decide if you want to further engage with the lawyer apart from the initial free 30 minutes.
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