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Fighting for better conditions for all startups requires a variety of resources – people, time, and, of course, money. We remain a non-profit organisation but in order to continue to provide invaluable benefits to our members and be able to fund different projects, we require monetary resources. Therefore, starting from the beginning of 2022, membership at the Swiss Startup Association is paid.

For new members: You are still able to sign up and enjoy all our benefits as a new member. Please make sure to choose the membership tier you would like to use after the paid membership is in place when you register as a member.

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To join the Swiss Startup Association as a startup, your domicile should be Switzerland. When you become our member, you benefit from:

  • voting right for the Swiss Startup Association
  • access to the startup benefit circle (discounts for and free IT-tools, legal services and templates, etc.)
  • access to our network of investors and other major players of the Swiss startup ecosystem
  • lobbying services
  • our support in dealing with various issues
  • access to the latest news about the Swiss startup ecosystem

By joining you also support the Swiss startup ecosystem and have the possibility to shape its future.

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An overview of our upcoming member structure

Startups with less than 20 employeesStartups with more than 20 employees
Company profile listed and linked on the Website
Access to Startup Offers
Legal Consultation (30min free)
Access to Network Events
Access to our Investor List
Access to Legal Templates
Access to the Education Sessions Video Library
Founders Dinner
Access to Investor Factsheet
More visible listing on the Website

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