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Fighting for better conditions for all startups requires a variety of resources – people, time, and, of course, money. We remain a non-profit organization, but in order to continue to provide invaluable benefits to our members and be able to fund different projects, we require monetary resources. 

We have two Premium memberships and one Basic membership on offer:

  • A premium membership for 300.- CHF per year (<20 FTEs) or
  • A premium membership for 800.- CHF per year (>20 FTEs) or
  • Basic membership for Startups of any size for 25.- CHF per year


For investors: if you are an investor and would like to join us as a member, please sign up here.

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To join the Swiss Startup Association as a startup, your domicile should be Switzerland. If that is the case, click below to choose the membership tier you would like, and gain access to exclusive benefits and educational resources.

By joining, you also support the Swiss startup ecosystem and have the opportunity to help shape its future.

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