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Getting funding in Switzerland

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It should be a breeze

We have made financing your idea easy(er)

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to make funding your brilliant ideas in Switzerland a lot easier – and, hopefully, spare you from a headache.

Investor Factsheet

One factsheet to reach multiple institutions

Every founder of a young startups knows the challenge of getting funding. Not only do they have to find a suitable investor, but also spend a lot of time doing administration work, as each investor requires a different factsheet. We have created a solution for that with one standardised factsheet. We aim to make it recognised all over Switzerland.

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Investor List

A comprehensive overview of Swiss investors and institutions

To make financing your ideas easier, we have created a list of Swiss investors and investing institutions for you to use.

Startup Knowledge Base

Articles on fundraising

Giving back for future founders!

Be part of our mission and support the next generation of successful founders!

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