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Legal Desk

We have partnered with some of Switzerland’s top law firms to provide you with all the legal support you could need for your startup.

This includes a free 30-minute consultation with one of our partnered lawyers, ongoing access to their services thereafter, as well as a variety of legal templates to make your life easier.

Have a look at our Legal Desk to make use of these services now!

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Fundraising Desk

We understand that funding can be quite a hurdle when it comes to getting your startup off the ground and in the direction of success.

This is why we have gathered some of our best resources to provide you with an exclusive Investor List, as well as an easy-to-use Investor Factsheet, with more services to follow soon.

Check out our Fundraising Desk and let us make your life easier!

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IT Desk

As Swiss Startup Association, we are repeatedly confronted with the question of the right IT agency, offshoring, etc. by start-ups.

There is no perfect answer to this. Depending on the needs of the startup, a different solution is required. To tackle this problem we have set up a listing of professional and reliable IT companies that are a great fit for your startup!

Take a look at our IT Desk page to find a right IT partner for your startup!

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Finance Desk

Are you looking for employee administration service, fiduciary partners, back-office software, or foreign currency exchange advice?

We are delighted to present our Finance Desk: here you can find a list of reliable resources for startups, with special offers available to our members.

Check out the link below and find out the best solution for your needs!

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Cyber Security Desk

Are you looking to protect your hardware, software, or data through for example computer security, cyber security, digital security or information technology security?

At our Cyber Security Desk, you find the right partner and companies to help you navigate through cyber security topics and services and keep your company safe.

Check out the link below and find out the best solution for your needs!

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Insurance Desk

Are you seeking assistance with insurance matters? Our Insurance Desk provides startups with a reliable resource, offering specialized support and exclusive benefits.

Discover this Desk for dedicated insurance assistance and take advantage of our special offers for startup members.

Have a look at our Insurance Desk to learn more about our partner!

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Marketing Desk

Excel your startup in different marketing aspects and navigate the digital landscape with the help of the right companies and partners.

Our Marketing Desk presents a list of reliable resources for startups, with special offers available to our members.

Check out the link below and find out the right marketing partner for your needs!

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Accelerator & Incubator Desk

Embarking on a startup journey is both thrilling and challenging. As your steadfast support, we specialize in connecting you with partners who can turbocharge your growth.

Incubators, accelerators, and venture builders form the bedrock of venture development, igniting your potential. Discover partners aligned perfectly with your vision.

Check out the link below and find out the right partner for your needs!

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Your startup desk

No time? No money? We got you!

Our startup desk provides you with all the tools you need to launch and grow your startup.

Startup Knowledge Base

Articles for startups from our expert team

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Our partners

Supporting and helping you develop

Together with our partners – relevant players from the startup scene – we develop new approaches to support our members in the best way possible.

Political engagement

We give startups a voice!

With their innovative mindset and business acumen startups are an important part of the Swiss economy and their voice deserves to be heard. That is why we put so much importance on vocalising their issues in politics and society.

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