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Swiss Startup Association (SSA) gives the Swiss startup ecosystem a collective voice in society, business and politics.

Startups face very different challenges than those of the established companies. The SSA is committed to creating the best possible environment for the development of entrepreneurs and startups because we believe it benefits our entire society.

We represent the interests of the startups and entrepreneurs vis-à-vis politics, business and the public.The SSA sees itself as an umbrella organization to represent the different startup across industries, regions and organizations.

Switzerland should not only rank #1 as the most innovative country, but also the most founder-friendly country in Europe.


How to get funding in Switzerland

In order to grow your business, you will inevitably need funding. The process of raising money can be very challenging and frustrating as it is hard  to find suitable investors. Drawing from our past experiences, we can offer some exclusive insight on this topic by providing valuable tips and tricks as well as general information and resources. With our guide, we specifically cover the subjects Funding Phases, Pitch Decks, Valuation and Terms and Legal. Our goal is to offer some guidance by making information on the topic of funding accessible to young founders. We strive to enable them to find investors successfully, allowing them to make their vision happen. The guide is available here. 


Standardized Investor Fact Sheet

Every founder of a young Startup knows the challenge: getting funding can be a hustle.
We can relate to this from our own experience. One can get easily overwhelmed by the many different application processes and requirements given by the different investors, organizations and business angels.
To make things easier for you, we are creating an Investor-Factsheet in collaboration with the main investor organizations of Switzerland (Wingman, SICTIC, Start Angels) as well as smaller ones. The goal is to centralize information to give you a quick overview so you can focus on the main goal:  GET YOUR FUNDING. Stay tuned, the factsheet will be online in October. 


Terms and conditions you need to understand

There are definitely more interesting topics to talk about than terms and conditions regarding financing agreements. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand key legal documents and their implications. If you neglect them, it might hit you hard at a later point in time. That’s why we are creating guides which will help you understand the key terms and their implications.


More Business Angels in Switzerland

As the Swiss Startup Association, our goal is to create a collaborative network of existing investor and startup organisations. We want to generate and promote synergies within the startup community in Switzerland. As specific project, we want to increase the number of active Business Angels in the country by informing, advertising and educating future investors. As an additional venture, we seek to simplify and encourage investing forms such as crowdinvesting. By doing this, we intend to create a more attractive environment as well as opportunities for both investors and startups.


Encouraging Female Founders

We strongly believe that diversity enables innovation. Therefore, we want to increase the number of female entrepreneurs. We aim to work closely with existing and regional organisations that already specify in supporting women in the startup environment. In the pursuit of this objective, we also aim to spark interest for MINT-subjects in girls and women, as well as facilitating the compatibility of career and family.


Increasing entrepreneurial initiative

Since we want to increase the amount of startups and the level of innovation in Switzerland, we aim to increase entrepreneurial initiative. This specifically entails promoting entrepreneurship in education facilities such as high schools, universities and higher education. By integrating concepts such as founding weeks or semesters into the education of students, we want to raise awareness of and interest in entrepreneurship in young people. Related to that, we also seek to support Spin-Offs in order to ensure a startup-friendly ecosystem.


Build the Future

Learning at an early age is the best way to learn. With this proverb we would like to draw attention to entrepreneurship among the younger generation. It is often forgotten, especially among high school students, that innovative startups are enormously important for the future of society and occupy an eminent place in the Swiss economy. The aim is to show grammar school pupils the importance of startups for the future of society. Gradually, from the beginning of 2021, events will be held at Swiss high schools to build the future of tomorrow!

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We can’t work miracles. But we’re working on the issues so that one day you can work miracles!

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wiss Startup Association (SSA) gives the Swiss startup ecosystem a collective voice in society, business and politics. Stand up and join our Mission!