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The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property


The IPI is the federal government’s central point of contact for all questions concerning patents, trademarks, geographical designations of origin, design protection and copyright. You can protect your intellectual property from being plagiarised. Such protection allows you to prevent others from using your intellectual property. As a result, your innovations and creations become a tradeable commodity, which you can sell, license or pledge.

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IP related trainings and courses

Guide for innovative and creative minds

Checklist IP Strategy

Checklist licensing agreement

Pocket Guide “Envisioned.Created.Protected”


Kamran Houshang Pour
Patent Expert / IP-Trainer
T +41313777369
Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
Stauffacherstrasse 65/59g
CH-3003 Bern
Telephone +41 31 377 77 77
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