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Embarking on a startup journey is both thrilling and challenging. As your steadfast support, we specialize in connecting you with partners who can turbocharge your growth. Incubators, accelerators, and venture builders form the bedrock of venture development, igniting your potential. Discover partners aligned perfectly with your vision. And here’s the game-changer: working with experts improve your chances of attracting top-tier venture capital firms.

Incubators nurture innovation—honing ideas, offering education, resources, and mentorship for early-stage triumphs. Their expertise nurtures your vision, enhancing your product’s appeal and setting the stage for future success.

Accelerators propel growth—fine-tuning your model, expanding your network, and fast-tracking you toward investment opportunities. With their hands-on guidance, your time to market shortens, ensuring your innovation reaches the world swiftly.

Venture builders provide holistic support from idea to execution—a partnership that amplifies your business goals. Their experience in execution not only accelerates your path to market but also enhances your startup’s valuation, positioning you for a promising future.

One of the big differences between accelerators and incubators is in how the individual programs are structured, on this page you can find the right match for you and your company.


Our Partners

Our swiss partner


Axelra is a Venture Builder accelerating digital business models for corporates and startups with skin in the game. We are co-creating and shipping revenue-generating MVPs after 100 days since 2019. Our Services cover Product, Management Support, and Growth.

Our Swiss partner


From business model review and validation to funding support: The SEF.Growth initiative helps emerging companies and SMEs overcome hurdles to growth by engaging more than 50 dedicated entrepreneurs from the Swiss Economic Forum network. Our platforms foster links between business and politics, encourage idea generation and streamline key networking opportunities.

Our swiss partner


VRMandat is the first digital matchmaking platform for board of directors and advisory boards in Switzerland

You are being founded or have been founded within the last years? Then you can search our database for suitable persons (ladies, gentlemen, partners, board members, advisory boards, business angels, coaches, sponsors and sponsors).

Our swiss partner

Launch Control

Launch Control aims to help founders take their first steps into entrepreneurship and to help their Startups scale. We want to promote and drive forward the founding of Startups in Switzerland.

Launch Control offers two programs: “Bring your Idea to Life” – a 3 month Incubator program and “Boost your business” – a one-year Accelerator program.

Our swiss partner


At headbits, nothing excites us more than to work with people who dare to challenge the status quo. We help managers and founders on their journey to overcome the unknowns in crafting flagship products.

SPECIAL OFFERS FOR OUR MEMBERS: We offer Product Sprint to Startups at a discounted rate. 

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