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We certainly know that startups have limited financial resources. Therefore, we are here to offer you some free or discounted goodies to help you manage and grow your startup (and, hopefully, save some money).

Rent a PR
The international PR agency, offering Public Relations and Communications Advisory on demand.
The first consultation/briefing is FREE.
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Raise capital. Exit. Trade. A System for hyper-efficient Fundraising.
90% off first year on fundraising and exit software
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Retarget your visitors from any third-party websites.
20% for 12 months
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We build digital, scalable products in record time. With no-code.
One day of free MVP/product building for members of the SSA.
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Fully furnished and ready-to-move-into offices or project spaces from 7 to 900 m2 with flexible contract periods.
20% discount
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Poster advertising and digital out of home campaigns for local, regional and national campaigns.
We will DOUBLE your media investment and thus spread the word about your Startup nation-wide.
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Design Better, faster, together with InVision.
3 prototypes for free for 6 month
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Focus on hitting your goals — not managing a stack of scattered tools.
up to 30% on Growth Platform
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Sales Acceleration Enablement for B2B Entrepreneurs.
Free Sales Starter Package and a 30-60min Sales Success Call
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Our word-of-mouth solution is the new marketing tool that scales and measures personal recommendations to drive revenue while generating customer insights on a daily basis for B2C companies seeking strong customer insights and more sales.
50% for 4 months on Pro-Plan.
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SwissDev Jobs
We are a job board dedicated for finding talented Software Engineers & IT Specialists
1st job posting for free
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Great minds think together.
Free Collaboard Advanced Subscription for 3 Months
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Codepole is based in Stockholm and Warsaw. They focus on providing clients with top-tier engineers so that they can accomplish their targets whilst enjoying a high-quality and efficient development process.
1 month of cost-free development of MVP or a selected product feature to one startup within our ecosystem. They work mainly in React, Node.js, Java and Golang.
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The all-in-one brand management platform, enriching brands with consistency and clarity.
50% on Starter-Plan
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It’s easier with the right tool: bexio, the business software.
50% discount in the first year on all bexio packages and all setup services.
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Limitless creativity for your startups.
50% on Solo, Team Plan
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Update and engage users effortlessly.
50% for 6 months on Startup-Plan
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5w155 SA
Access top software developers & designers from Eastern Europe. 5w155 SA is a staff augmentation and tech recruitment company committed to help startups and SMEs work with top tech talents.
50% discount on the recruitment fee for the first developer or designer.
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Venture Studio Enabling Platform matching startups x service providers with the platform ready for you to track your portfolio and create the contracts right there yourself.
Free consulting on equity splitting, supporter compensation, or defining your requirements for outsourcing projects.
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Kramer Business Plan
First-class business plans and sophisticated financial plans made easy!
20% off business plans and financial plans
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Daura AG
Digitize your company shares to manage your shareholders easily, and gain access to new funding opportunities.
Increase your efficiency with our one-stop solutions for startups. Try out daura.start now for free!
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Your fundraising partner Fundraising made easy with LEVA
Free Term Sheet Discount of CHF 200.- on all services
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Earny autopilots payroll for startups. With Earny, startups and SMEs can manage payroll by themselves, without previous payroll experience.
As a SSA member, you benefit from a 20% discount for the first year, adding to 3 months for free
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Collect customer payments effortlessly.
20% on all plans
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digital republic
Switzerland’s Mobile Internet Provider
50% discount on the Flat 300 yearly data subscription
10 PCS per Startup Join us now
DocSend allows you to securely share your pitch deck and streamline fundraising.
90% on annual plans
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Beyond eSignature: Document automation for fast-moving teams.
20% on all annual plans
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With everyone benefits from the skills of the community. You need support for tasks that can't be done alone or you want to benefit from the expertise of the community? At KnowS you can find people with the right knowledge.
We offer you 50 francs for every booking.
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Swiss cloud infrastructure provider.
Free test credits, worth up to 10’000 CHF, depending on the project size, within the first 12 months to run your cloud infrastructure.
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Stripe simplifies payments for your startup.
50% on Stripe Atlas & CHF 10,000 credits
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Organise meetings faster with efficient scheduling.
10% on Team Plan
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Konsento AG
Your digital corporate housekeeping platform with cap table management, secure data room, smart AGM and board meeting tools and appealing investor communications.
30% on the premium plan for the first two years
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A cloud-based business management solution simplifies key processes such as invoicing, HR management, accounting, and taxation for freelancers, startups, and small to medium-sized businesses.
Enjoy Sequence for free for up to 6 months, with no commitment required!
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Simple Video Interview Software – Make better hires faster than ever before.
20% on annual plans
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Subscription Billing & Revenue Operations for Fast-growth B2B SaaS.
Rise Plan for free
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Champions of customer service.
6 months for free
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amnis Treasury
The simplest, fastest, and most affordable international payment platform for Startups and SMEs
Upgrade to essential Package 12 months for free
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Starke Ideen. Auf den Punkt.
Website, explainer and CD/CI up to 30%
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Ethical software outsourcing services to help you build the software and apps you need! (Offshoring/Nearshoring)
One free 4hr technology consultation & assessment for the software proof of concept
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Go from 0 to 1 by collecting valuable feedback from your customers.
30% on Unlimited Plan
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Easily manage push notifications, in-app messages, web push.
80% on Startup Plan
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BV4 – the leading independent experts in startup scouting, assessment and valuation.
Free Pitchdeck Assessment
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Integrate your cloud applications. Automate marketing, sales and business processes.
30% on annual plans
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Hubspot for Startups
The all-in-one CRM that scales as your startup grows!
An offer of up to $1.000(!) in ad credits to anyone that signs up for HubSpot for Startups for the first time.
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quitt Business
All-in-one solution for everything related to your employees' administration and wages. Contract, insurance, payroll – simple, fair & digital.
Service is free of charge for the first calendar year.
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Aequitec AG
Invite, organize, conduct and wrap-up your shareholders’ meeting fully digitally.
We conduct your first fully digital shareholders’ meeting (“AGM”) for free!
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Amplitude is the product intelligence platform that helps teams convert, engage, and retain customers.
1 year for free on Growth Plan
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Please be aware that the offer…

  • must be for Swiss startups
  • has to represent a clear added value for our members
  • must not be tied to any conditions such as requesting data from our members
  • must not already be available in the same form elsewhere, but must be exclusively available for members of the Swiss Startup Association only
  • must represent either our Premium member or our Partners
  • has to be available permanently and with the same conditions

Your offer fits the conditions above?

Then please download the following template, fill it out and send it to The Board of the Swiss Startup Association decides whether the offer will be made available on the website or not.

Please note that the SSA will charge a small amount for the listing in order to cover our own administrative expenses.

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