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Whether you are looking at digitizing processes, setting up a website or a CRM system or producing a SaaS, it is inevitable as you build and develop your startup that you will need to implement some key IT structures. Within the Swiss landscape, IT resources can be limited and also expensive. To tackle this problem we have set up a listing of professional and reliable IT companies that are a great fit for your startup!

Not sure about Offshoring, Nearshoring or In-house?

We wrote a guide to help you to select more efficient solutions for IT developers by getting an overview, a checklist and useful tips!

MAIN PARTNER | Nearshoring Supplier - Swiss Office


Holycode is a Software Development company founded in 2014 based in Switzerland, Serbia & Romania that focuses on delivering all kinds of development services to Startups and Scaleups and was founded by serial entrepreneurs.

Nearshoring Supplier - Swiss Office


S-PRO is a software development & IT consulting to startups and scale-ups, which provides full-cycle development services to help businesses scale by using technology solutions, improving the customer experience, and creating new products and internal processes.
Nearshoring Supplier - Swiss Office


Award-winning bespoke software & design consultancy. United by working together for almost a decade, we prioritize the end-user, delivering flexible, product-centric solutions swiftly. Check out our Kodistart competition if you’re interested in getting free development!
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Codepole is based in Stockholm and Warsaw.
They focus on providing clients with top-tier engineers so that they can accomplish their targets whilst enjoying a high-quality and efficient development process.

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The best IT services for SMEs and start-ups. Ultra-fast. Ultra-secure. And 100% climate-neutral. With a response time of just 7 minutes, we ensure maximum productivity in your company. And we offer a cyber security guarantee. So you gain time to grow your business.

Our swiss partner


At headbits, nothing excites us more than to work with people who dare to challenge the status quo. We help managers and founders on their journey to overcome the unknowns in crafting flagship products.

SPECIAL OFFERS FOR OUR MEMBERS: We offer Product Sprint to Startups at a discounted rate. 

Nearshoring Supplier - Swiss Office

Peak Product

Peak Product helps companies achieve exceptional outcomes by fundamentally advancing product competency. Combining proven tactics with immersive, integrated strategies that change the way your product performs and your product organization works.

Nearshoring Supplier - Swiss Office

LANE Digital

LANE helps startups thrive in the digital landscape by leveraging leading software/tools to reduce costs and optimize internal processes. We specialize in working with No-code and innovative AI tools, ensuring that you have the freedom and independence to scale your business.

Nearshoring Supplier - Swiss Office

5w155 SA

Swiss staff augmentation company committed to help startups and SMEs work with top tech talents. Present in multiple Eastern European countries, we provide dedicated software developers & designers to support your growth.

Nearshoring Supplier - Swiss Office


Virtido is your partner for skilled,
global IT talent! Grow your own IT team within
two or four weeks
or rely on Virtido’s expertise in software product engineering to build your new venture. 

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Nearshoring Supplier - Swiss Office


Successful AI with Responsible AI – AIEthica provides services and tools for responsible AI in all phases of the AI and ML lifecycle, from code to society.
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