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New generations of sucessful startups - today, tomorrow and in the years to come. It's that simple

Our Young Minds Programme aims to inspire and engage young people in innovative ideas and startups, encouraging them to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career choice for their future. We believe in nurturing the next generation of startups and our program is our contribution towards securing that future.

The results speak for themselves: 38% of the students who attended our sessions have already started envisioning themselves as startup founders, and 29% have set their sights on working for a startup in the future.


Our network of founders share their personal journeys in two to four school hours. Through  interactive quiz questions and tasks, students are invited to engage and reflect on the content.

the talents

As students grow up with latest technologies and at the forefront of current trends, they hold the potential to become the next generation of entrepreneurs that will shape the future.

of tomorrow

During an important stage their career choice decision-making, we provide insight into  alternative career paths. For those interested, we offer the opportunity to connect with us after the Young  Minds Programme.


How to join the Youth Entrepreneurship Engagement

Book the Young Minds Programme

Are you a teacher or school administrator looking to provide your students with a hands-on learning experience in entrepreneurship?

Book the Young Minds Programme now and give your students the opportunity to learn from experienced startup founders and gain valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

Become a Speaker

Are you a startup founder passionate about inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs? Apply now to become a guest speaker for our Young Minds Programme. Share your knowledge and journey with eager students exploring the world of startups.

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More information about the Young Mind Project

Making theory tangible through practical experience

Our workshop brings students closer to the theory of entrepreneurship and the startup world in Switzerland.
Presented by a founder from our network, the content is complemented with their personal entrepreneurial journey.

By sharing their personal story, the speaker inspires students to believe in their own potential and encourages them
to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.


Connecting Experienced Founders with Students

The Swiss Startup Association hand-picks experienced and trustworthy Swiss startup founders to lead the lectures.

Our guest speakers are chosen not only for their expertise but also based on the region where the school is located.

As a project of the Swiss Startup Association, our Young Minds program is not designed to compete with existing organizations, but rather to support and encourage youth entrepreneurship. Our aim is to build a collaborative and sustainable environment for young entrepreneurs to thrive.

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Other issues we care about

Female Founders

We advocate for more female founders in the Swiss startup scene.

Read about our diversity efforts


We are working towards better regulatory, tax, and legal conditions for startups in Switzerland.

Learn more about our political engagement

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