Youth Entrepreneurship

Let's inspire the next generation

Inspiring the talents of tomorrow

Young people are the future of the Swiss economy

One of our goals is to bring the startup world closer to the younger generation. By awakening young peoples’ interest in following innovative ideas, we aim to inspire them to go down the path of entrepreneurship and consider it a viable career choice in the future.

Guest speakers wanted!

Want to support the initiative and become a guest speaker?

We are on the lookout for startup founders who want to inspire the next generation by sharing their expertise and experience during a lecture or a workshop in a Swiss school setting. Are you a startup founder with a few years of experience? Do you agree with and support our long-term goals listed above? Do you speak German, French or Italian?

If you have answered yes to all of these questions, apply now and the board of the Swiss Startup Association will consider your application as a guest speaker.

The why

Switzerland has talent and possibilities

We want to show the students how they can use their talents and what possibilities are available to them.

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The ideas and commitment of today’s youth are the seeds for the next generation of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial skills that the younger generation gain can be useful in other situations as well. That is why it is necessary to offer them a helping hand and show them their possibilities.

Inspiring the talents of tomorrow at an important stage in their career choice decision-making will determine the future startup and innovation landscape of Switzerland. Let’s support the younger generation on their journey there of becoming the backbone of future SMEs and corporates.

The how

Lessons and workshops at schools

We want to bring young and successful entrepreneurs to schools, so that they can hold lectures and workshops and share their personal experience with the students.

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The aim is to showcase a variety of different topics on entrepreneurship in a practical and inspiring way. The lessons and workshops are designed to be exciting and interactive, so that the students can have a chance to participate proactively and express their own innovative thinking.

The who

Selected guest speakers

The guest speakers who lead the lectures and workshops are hand-picked by the Swiss Startup Association. They are experienced and trustworthy founders of Swiss startups.

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The guest speakers are selected not only based on their experience, but also with the region of the school in mind. That means that the guest lectures and workshops are held in German, French or Italian.

We plan with the future in mind

Our long term goals

  • Expand and institutionalise our Youth Entrepreneurship initiative
  • Bring the startup spirit and the focus on entrepreneurship to the students of Swiss schools
  • Anchor the topics of startups, innovation and entrepreneurship in Switzerland’s education
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Let's amplify our voice

Other issues we care about

Female Founders

We advocate for more female founders in the Swiss startup scene.

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We are working towards better regulatory, tax, and legal conditions for startups in Switzerland.

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