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A solid foundation from the beginning

Legal topics might sound boring and paper work heavy but they are very important for all startups! Proper legal work lays the foundation for a successful business path. Certain actions and decisions cannot be reversed if neglected and will affect you in the future. Besides that, no matter what stage you are in as a startup, you always need suitable legal documents. For your co-founders, your employees, your investors and more.
Therefore it is crucial to have a good lawyer at your side that you trust and that supports you on your entrepreneurial journey.
That is why the Swiss Startup Association wants to provide help and build bridges between startups and law firms.
Our members get a free 30 minutes legal-advice and access to a selection of useful legal templates!

Get to know us

The Swiss Startup Association (SSA) is the umbrella organisation of the Swiss startup ecosystem. We want more startups in Switzerland and are therefore working on different topics in order to create better conditions for existing ones. This makes it easier for future founders to start their ventures!

The SSA teams up with trusted Swiss law firms. They are established and well-known players when it comes to legal advice in the startup sector. That is why we want to provide startups with this horsepower and thus offer this service to our members!

Meet our amazing Legal Partners

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Here are a few examples of frequently asked questions and typical startup problems.

  1. Term-Sheet: When do I need a term sheet and what do I have to watch out for?
  2. What points should I regulate in an employment contract?
  3. Shareholder’s Agreement: What is an Anti-Dilution Clause?
  4. Avoidance of false self-employment: What do I have to keep in mind?
  5. Stock / share vesting clause: What are the differences and which opportunities does a startup have?
  6. What is the best place in Switzerland to set up a company when it comes to taxes?
  7. IP: How do I ascertain that all intellectual property properly vests with my startup?

The rules to observe

  1. Free consultation period of 30 minutes. You will be made aware of any costs in advance by the lawyer.
  2. No obligation for you as a startup.
  3. The lawyer does not draw up contracts within the 30 minutes consultation period.
  4. The lawyer does not revise nor finalise any legal documents received from a startup within the 30 minutes consultation period.
  5. The consultation time is not intended for the lawyer to answer as many decision questions (yes or no) as possible.
  6. You decide if you want further engagement with the lawyer apart from the free 30 minutes for legal advice regarding a particular matter.

How it works

1. Fill in the form below.

2. The SSA will connect you to a suitable lawyer.

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