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Swiss programming services company and digital agency committed to help startups and SMEs accelerate their speed to market by working with skilled, senior, loyal and enthusiastic tech talents. Present in Switzerland, Germany, Namibia and Ghana we provide dedicated software developers & designers to accelerate your growth.
Team Extension

Embed Adaire developer(s) directly into your team(s) to quickly reach scale and accelerate your development.

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Website Creation

We quickly design and build awesome websites – from simple taking 5 days to multi-month projects.

Managed IT and IT Monitoring

From Cyber security, to uptime, to minor compliance update, all tech needs active monitoring and rapid interventions.

Dedicated Team

Have Adaire design, build & support a complete production platform – matching your design and vision!

eCommerce Stores

We help you commercialise your site with design, deployment, payment integrations and product loading.

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Digitisation and Data

Digitize your data and support Data Science teams for AI, ML or other scenarios.

MVP or PoC

We can help if you need something quickly for demos, investors or to test product market fit

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Website/App Maintenance

Your tech needs continued support to keep it running – we help with all the bits that sometimes are neglected: hosting, maintenance, fixes, SEO, Analytics

Call Centers and BPO

Support your clients or staff with additional resources ready to help solve their issues

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