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As a leading Swiss insurer, AXA understands the risks that accompany your everyday life as an

entrepreneur and offers an exclusive start-up package to support you.

The company accompanies you as a strong partner through all phases of your start-up and beyond,
with tailored insurance coverage and helpful start-up offerings such as free legal advice, vehicle
branding, and a free liquidity planning workshop. The AXA Insurance Check helps you determine
which insurance policies are mandatory, recommended, or worth further consideration during the start-up phase.

Every startup that signs up with AXA will get a SSA membership for free.

Your contact at AXA

Sara Grelli
Customer Management Commercial Clients

What three words would you use to describe the startup scene in Switzerland?

Innovative, Inspiring, Creative.

What personal Advice would you give to a startup shortly before its foundation?

One piece of advice I would give to a startup shortly before its foundation is: “Be bold, but plan
Having the courage to pursue your idea and take risks associated with starting a business is
important. However, it is also essential to develop a solid business strategy and create a detailed
business plan. Additionally, it is advisable to build networks and seek mentors who can provide you
with their experience and knowledge. Utilize the resources and support within the startup
community to learn from others and gain valuable insights.

What excites you about the startup world?

Aspects such as the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurial drive, collaboration, and community, in my
opinion, attract many people and make it an exciting and inspiring ecosystem for entrepreneurship
and innovation.
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