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About BV4

BV4 is a leading advisory venture boutique with a unique positioning, supporting both founders and investors. BV4 offers fundraising advisory (pitchdeck, financial model, dataroom, valuation) as well as scouting, market research and matchmaking services. Its team has expertise in deal advisory, financial due diligence, startup funding and consultancy.

Our services:

  • Pitch: Creating and improving pitch decks and perform pitch trainings
  • Data Room: Setup, structuring and management of virtual data rooms
  • Deal Preparation: Preparation of all necessary material to fundraise, including teaser, pitch deck, financial model, data room etc.
  • Fundraising Strategy: Creation of appropriate funding strategy
  • Fundraising Advisory: Support throughout full fundraising process, including investor reach-out, due diligence, negotiations of terms, etc.
  • Investor Relations: Communication with and management of investors
Valuation & Financial Modelling
  • Financial Metrics: Definition and tracking of key performance indicators (margins, ARR, CAC, LTV, unit economics, runway, burn rate etc.)
  • Financial Model: Preparation and updating of financial model including forecasting
  • Valuation: Preparation of an independent company valuation
Investment readiness
  • Investor Assessment: Review business case from the investors’ perspective
  • Business Case Validation: Validate and improve business case
  • Business Plan: Reviewing and improving of business plans
Offer to SSA Members

BV4 offer SSA Members the following:

  • Free 1hour-Pitch Deck assessment
  • CHF 100 credit for pitchdeck session of CHF 250

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