One factsheet - many institutions

Every founder of a young Startup knows the challenge: getting funding can be a hustle. Not only do they have to find a suitable investor, but also spend a lot of time for administration work, as each investor requires a different factsheet.

The Swiss Startup Association therefore created an investor factsheet in collaboration with established Swiss investor organizations. Startups can now fill in one single factsheet and send it out to multiple institutions.

Why should startups and investors use our factsheet?
  • it is standardized and therefore makes the process more efficient
  • It ensures a high quality of applications, as all relevant data is required
  • it leads not only to better quality, but also to more applications

Participating organizations

Are you an investor (privat or entity) and would like to benefit from our factsheet? Contact us via for further information.

How it works

  1. Fill out and complete your factsheet
  2. Download the PDF
  3. Submit to your preferred investor

Are you a startup and would like to use the investor factsheet?

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