Meet our Premium Member Serguei Okhonin, Co-founder & CEO of ActLight

What is ActLight, could you tell us a little bit more about the company?

ActLight is the IP company that invented the Dynamic PhotoDiode, a revolutionary light sensor that responds to the needs of miniaturization and ultra-low power consumption of markets such as wearables, smartphones, augmented reality, autonomous driving, among many more. The company was incorporated in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2011.

Tell us more about your plans for 2024. What is your long-term vision?

So far, 2024 has been a very exciting year! Not only have we advanced towards the commercialization of our technology through our licensees, but we have also found new opportunities to bring the high performance of our Dynamic PhotoDetector to new markets, such as eye tracking for smart-eyewear and smart-rings.

Our long-term vision at ActLight is to revolutionize the semiconductor industry by advancing the development and integration of innovative light-sensing technologies. We aim to drive the evolution of energy-efficient solutions and contribute to the growth of healthcare and consumer wearables, smartphones and other emerging technologies.

What has been the biggest success that you have achieved with your startup?

One of our biggest successes has been the development and commercialization of our innovative Dynamic PhotoDetector technology, which has significantly enhanced the performance and energy efficiency of various applications, from wearable devices to mobile

If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? What are your biggest learnings?

If I could do it all over again, I would emphasize the importance of strategic partnerships and collaborations earlier in the company’s journey. Building strong alliances can accelerate growth and open up new avenues for innovation.

The key learning has been the significance of adaptability. The tech industry is dynamic, and being able to anticipate and evolve with market trends is crucial for long-term success. Our sustained success is rooted in our technology’s adaptability to meet future industry demands and challenges.

What motivates you to continue your business every day?

What motivates me every day is my passion for innovation and the belief that our Dynamic PhotoDiode technology can make a meaningful impact to consumers and society. Seeing the positive outcomes of our work, whether it’s improving the efficiency of devices or contributing to technological advancements, fuels our sense of purpose.
Additionally, the dynamic nature of the tech industry keeps me excited, as there is always room for growth and new opportunities. Ultimately, the drive to create positive change and be at the forefront of innovation is what propels me to tackle each day with enthusiasm and commitment.

One piece of advice for someone just starting out with their startup?

My advice to someone starting a new startup would be to embrace resilience and agility. The entrepreneurial journey is filled with challenges, setbacks, and unexpected turns. Being resilient in the face of adversity and adaptable to changing circumstances is crucial. Learn from failures, re-access strategies when necessary, and stay committed to your vision. Surround yourself with a team who believes in your product as much as you do, seek mentorship, and continuously iterate on your ideas based on feedback from your network. The path to success is rarely a straight line, so approach challenges with a positive mindset and a willingness to evolve.

What does being a member of the Swiss Startup Association mean to you?

Being a member of the Swiss Startup Association means being part of a vibrant and supportive ecosystem. It provides networking opportunities, access to valuable resources, and a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing with other innovative companies.

Would you recommend joining the Swiss Startup Association? 

Absolutely, I would recommend joining the Swiss Start-up Association! The support, mentorship, and collaborative spirit within the association create an environment conducive to growth. It’s a valuable community for startups to navigate challenges and foster success together.

Have you ever visited the event of the Swiss Startup Association? If yes, which one? Would you recommend them?

As ActLight became a member last month, we have not yet had the opportunity to visit the Swiss Startup Association, however, we are looking forward to attending future events!

Is there anything we have not asked that you would like to share with the community?

At ActLight, our passion for continuous learning propels us into the forefront of wearables, smart phones, and augmented reality. Embracing the future of these industries fuels our innovation, driving us to redefine the very fabric of these industries, shaping a future where technology harmoniously enriches lives.


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