Meet Marcel Schuler, Founder of campaigneers

Please tell us about campaigneers

campaigneers is a PR agency, focusing on political campaigns. We were founded in 2021 and consist of 7 people. Our unique strength lies in our expertise. There is no agency in Europe that has been responsible for so many voting and election campaigns in the last two years. We are like a soccer team that practices 10 times a week and the others only twice.

Tell us more about your plans for the future.

We realized: politicians are not the only ones who need to build a strong personal brand. We can also help CEOs with their personal branding. This is one thing we want to focus on more. Longterm, I wish for campaigneers and my team to grow closer and stronger, for each employee to grow individually with each campaign.

What has been the biggest success that you have achieved in your startup?

Three things. First: We helped a lot of people to get elected. Second: We managed to become an important player in the market. Third: Seeing our employees to grow every day is the biggest success.

If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? What are your biggest learnings?

I am very pleased with how we did it and with the way our actions and visions came together. However, we can’t deny that we made wrong assumptions along the way. Which is also part of the journey: We learn from our mistakes, and it is worth trusting the team and working together to bring tasks to a successful conclusion.

What motivates you to continue your business every day?

Seeing our vision for good campaigns come to life, satisfied clients and the positive feedback from the team. And of course, celebrating milestones and successful campaigns – it really does add up to something!

One piece of advice for someone who is just starting out with their startup?

We learn from our failures every day. Stay resilient and adaptable, learn from your experiences, and be willing to adjust your strategies. Trust your team, surround yourself with a supportive but critical network of mentors, advisors, and other individuals who can provide guidance and help you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

What does it mean to you to be a member of the Swiss Startup Association?

The Swiss Startup Association offers a platform to connect and network with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and other key players in the Swiss startup ecosystem.

Would you recommend joining the Swiss Startup Association? 

I would recommend the Swiss Startup Association to anyone at any stage of starting or running a startup. The network and guidance the association provides allows people of any background, experience or resources to be successful.

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