How to Craft a Winning Pitch Deck: Insights from the Founders’ Academy

In the fast-paced world of startups, securing investment is often the make-or-break moment. It’s where your vision meets reality, and the ability to convey your startup’s potential effectively can be the difference between soaring success and missed opportunities. Elodie Huber, Senior Analyst at BV4, shared some key insights during our event in helping you create a compelling pitch deck. This article will provide the essential tips and tricks to make your pitch deck shine, capture investors’ interest and help your startup achieve its objectives.

1. Captivate interest with your pitch deck 

In today’s information-saturated world, your pitch deck is your opportunity to stand out. It’s your initial point of contact with potential investors, so make it count. Begin with concise, compelling content that grabs their attention from the very beginning.

2. Give your pitch deck a logical structure 

Structure your pitch deck as a captivating story that investors can easily follow. A logical flow communicates your business effectively and demonstrates your clarity and focus.

Start with the fundamentals:

3. Demonstrate your problem-solving skills 

Your solution should be more than just a product; it should remedy a real problem. To capture investor interest, emphasise the connection between the problem and your solution. Highlight the pain points your target audience experiences and how your startup uniquely addresses them.

4. Don’t forget to show these three key elements 

Within your pitch deck, it’s essential not to overlook three pivotal elements that deserve special attention:

  1. Business Model: Take the time to explain your revenue streams thoroughly and lay out a clear path to profitability. Investors want to understand how your startup plans to sustain and grow financially.
  2. Market Size: Illuminate the immense potential of your target market. Providing data and insights about the market’s size and growth prospects can help investors grasp the opportunities your startup aims to capitalise on.
  3. Sources: Support your claims with concrete evidence and credible references. Data-driven support can instil confidence in investors and demonstrate that your projections and assumptions are grounded in reality.

5. Make sure all your elements serve a purpose

Every element of your pitch deck should serve a purpose. Eliminate fluff and redundancy, and be concise while ensuring that each component adds value. Visual aids, graphics, and storytelling can make your pitch deck engaging and memorable.

For example, when presenting your team, avoid a mere listing of their backgrounds. Instead, consider structuring your team slide to highlight the sector-specific expertise within your team, showcasing how each member contributes uniquely to your project’s success. Alternatively, emphasise how your team operates cohesively, blending diverse skills into a well-rounded unit.

6. Be transparent with funding

Don’t leave investors guessing. Conclude your pitch deck with clear financial and funding intentions. Specify your funding needs—how much you’re seeking—and the type of financing you require. This will help you demonstrate professionalism and readiness.


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These insights from the Swiss Startup Association Founders Academy are designed to help you craft a compelling pitch deck. As we embark on the exciting journey of startup success together, remember that crafting the perfect pitch deck is an art. With the right knowledge, you can make a lasting impression on investors and set your startup on a path to greatness. 🌱

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Author: Charles Schwalt Chan 


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