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Changes to our membership model in 2022

Dear Swiss Startup Association community of members and supporters,

Thank you for being an integral part of our community! We have some news to share with you and would like to bring your attention to the upcoming changes to our membership model in 2022.

When we re-started the Swiss Startup Association in 2019, we did so because we believed that the Swiss startup scene deserved better and we set goals to bring about specific changes to the entire startup ecosystem in Switzerland. We are still of that opinion and we are still working on those goals. In fact, in the time-frame of two years or so, we:

  • Have fought for you on the political level, such as being very vocal against the 99 Percent Initiative,
  • Have come up with a standardised investor factsheet for hassle-free fundraising applications,
  • Have negotiated free or discounted software tools and benefits for you,
  • Have been helping you build your network and have been fostering the startup spirit with events.

However, fighting for better conditions for all startups requires a variety of resources – people, time, and, of course, finances. We remain a non-profit organisation – all of our board members, the advisory board, and the volunteers do not receive a salary – but in order to continue to provide invaluable benefits to our members and be able to fund different projects, we require monetary resources. Therefore, in the beginning of 2022, membership at the Swiss Startup Association is paid.

We have created 3 different membership models to cater to different needs of our members. For your convenience, we have outlined the benefits of each membership tier below. The prices are for annual membership.

We hope that you will support us as we continue to innovate and improve the startup ecosystem in Switzerland for you. We invite you to stay part of our community and let us support you in your journey further. Only together can we level up the Swiss startup scene!

If you would like to be informed about the current happenings at the Swiss Startup Association and get notified about the new membership model changes going forward, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn.


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