Lorenz, you co-founded adretto, a startup within the fashion, tech and logistics industries… tell us more!

Gladly! Adretto is here to turn the suit market in Europe upside down! We are trying to make men’s world hassle-free while protecting our environment.

How did you identify the opportunity in your market and what makes your solution unique?

Our MVP in 2020 showed us that there is a demand for an hassle-free online suit rental service within the mens fashion industry. In fact, the demand continues to grow. At the moment, we are the only rental service in Europe with an intelligent algorithm to identify our customers suit sizes automatically.

As you set your business and operations up, did you have any big bumps in the road or stand out successes?

Well, as most start ups face, finding pre-seed money and the right business angels is still very difficult for us. In saying that, we are already serving over 150 customers which in times like the ones we are facing now, with no events, is for us a super success!

We are always proud to see so many startups succeeding regardless of the times we are in. Share with us why adretto joined the SSA.

We were recommended to join from JurDesk, the startup lawyers. We believe the SSA platform opens the door to a great network and we hope to be able to possibly find a business angel through our membership. We are sure the startup ecosystem within Switzerland will continue to grow and grow and grow… we look forward to being an active player in this.

As do we! We are happy to have you onboard and are here to support when you need.

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