Oliver, as CEO of Capskin, a warm welcome to the SSA! Tell us about your company.

Capskin is the first solution to really “see” inside shoes. Shoes are an important item almost everyone uses daily and an item that most people had some bad experiences with. Shoe design is still mostly based on intuition because nobody really knows what’s going on inside shoes. Our sensor-software solution
takes footwear to the next level! In the form of a sock, it captures the formation and motion of a foot inside of a shoe and measures pressure all around the foot.

Genius. Seems like a simple solution – was it a smooth transition from concept to product?

Well, we had to be very careful about where and how to spend our time and resources. Said that, we are very proud to have just closed our pre-seed round with a set of great investors and that we just started a pilot project with a well-known Swiss footwear brand.

What is the drive behind your team for you to be able to deliver your success?

Our smart sensor sock solution unlocks the next level for footwear! Shoes are used by everyone every day but there are still a lot of shortcomings. This is what we focus on.

Niche is the way to go. How do you believe the Swiss startup landscape will develop?

It’s already at a very impressive stage and we are sure that it will grow even stronger!

We think so too and that’s exactly why we are here. So tell us, why did Capskin join the SSA and what do you hope to achieve with our support?

We joined to give more power to startups and thus improve the startup ecosystem in Switzerland. The SSA is a great stop for unbiased information. While doing this we also look to gain knowledge about the startup world and to expand our network. Startups should have a strong unified voice and we want to support that.

Thank you for your and your team’s support at Capskin, we are happy to have you join us as a member.


Adele Bottoni


Caroline Knaack


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