Christian! CEO and Co-Founder of c.Technology, welcome to the SSA!

We are happy to be on board. We believe in the strong ecosystem of the SSA and are happy to have such great drivers in the start-up environment.

Give our readers some insight into how you identified the opportunity on which you built c.technology.

While today’s automotives are becoming increasingly connected, there is still a gap in the world of Powersports (All-Terrain Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycles, Classic Cars, etc.). It is a growing market with high demand but lags behind in terms of technology due to a lack of knowledge within the industry. We created a Mobility SaaS provider which offers the full cycle from the digitalisation of your vehicle to data collection and added services such as monitoring and analytics.

Well spotted and developed. How were you able to create a unique solution?

We united scientists and engineers with majors in electrical engineering and computer science with a strong connection to ETH Zurich and entrepreneurship. Our SaaS covers different needs and is completely customisable due to the modular approach of the data processing pipeline and the provided added services.

This sounds like a really exciting beginning to a big adventure. What have been your challenges and successes so far?

The biggest achievement, besides building the team, was the successful launch of our first two products “clickahoy” and “clickrider”. The biggest challenge currently is the shortage of microchips in the mobility environment due to COVID.

Now that c.technology is a member of the SSA, what do you hope to achieve with us?

We want to share our vision and benefit from the knowledge and expertise you support with.

That´s what we´re here for! Send us off with your vision of the future of the Swiss startup landscape.

Creativity and innovation have been in high demand. If the landscape focuses on what we are undoubtedly capable of such as cutting-edge technology, precision, as well as solid and sustainable entrepreneurship combined with the necessary respect for our surroundings… then I am convinced that we will continue to develop into a unique start-up hub!

Want to learn more about c.technology ? Visit their website: www.ctechnology.io


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