seniors@work, welcome to our growing members community!

Thank you! We joined to be able to get to know the Swiss Startup scene better, exchange experiences with the community, and attend various events. Ideally, we will be able to find new employers for our network, such as startups which hire Senior Talents as part-time accountants, mentors, consultants, sales support, etc. It’s exciting.

We definitely can be of support here. Tell our readers what you do.

seniors@work is a new Freelancer Network for retired talents that efficiently connects them with potential employers in just a few clicks. Our platform facilitates intergenerational exchanges and collaboration. Our solution enables Senior Talents between the ages of 60 – 75 years to stay active after retirement, pass on their vast experience, and support employers in areas where they desperately need support.

It’s a great initiative. The expertise of seniors is highly valuable, to create a space that allows them to continue searching for other opportunities is critical.

Yes, and it’s been doing well – so far, more than 4,000 Senior Talents and more than 1,300 employers signed up on our platform.

By joining the SSA, do you believe there is space for a higher integration level of seniors within the startup environment’s future?

Absolutely, entrepreneurship will be more popular among the younger but also among the older generation. Therefore, since nowadays it’s quite easy to start a startup with little money, there will be new initiatives and startups coming up. I think there will be also more startup programs and accelerators. Our mission is to encourage Senior Talents to remain active after retirement and to make the immense potential of the older generation available to the entire economy and society. Thus, we want to foster this intergenerational exchange.

How did you get started?

The story of seniors@work is a personal one since my own father Ralph retired 3 years ago and was exactly in this situation. Therefore I started seniors@work. At the moment the team is very small with only me working in the daily business. Since I’m a solopreneur, the start was very tough since I had no money and only my own personal working resource. Thus, it’s difficult to grow since I need to develop an IT platform, secure financing, acquire new clients, etc… But there have been successes too!

Tell us about them!

I secured pre-seed financing from three well know Swiss shark tank investors and Helvetia Versicherung. And my personal biggest success is to see the joy and happiness of senior talents & employers using seniors@work. Therefore I see that seniors@work really adds an added value and it improves the lives of other people. This is the biggest success for me.

Congratulations, we share the value of this success with you, making a big change in our society and literally building the bridge between the startup world and seniors. Happy to have you on board!

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Adele Bottoni


Caroline Knaack


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