Nicolo, as Co-Founder and CEO of LifeDrop, thank you for joining us as an SSA member! Let´s get right to it. You created a pretty unique product…How?!

LifeDrop emerged out of two daily issues: Firstly, our visionary and co-founder Noe Tüfer was missing a place to retreat while travelling through countless airports in China! Secondly, we missed a place to retreat at the workspace, and both saw a need. We created LifeDrop as a product that provides a multisensorial experience in the shape of a drop. Our programs are accompanied by visuals, sounds and smells. It provides you a private space, no matter where you are. By completely isolating yourself from your surroundings, taking a comfortable seat (in zero-gravity position!), you can completely unwind and relax.

Very special. Sounds futuristic and comforting at the same time. Was it smooth sailing throughout the process or were there any big challenges that stood in your way?

Well – depends on your definition of “smooth” (laughs). Obviously, we had many ups and many downs, just as every early-stage startup has. But we always believed to be on the right track, and were flexible to adjust for feedback. Building a hardware product came with a high initial investment and obviously (as my mentors have explained me from the beginning on) it took longer than you initially think to get to the point of having your first product financed, developed and sold. On our journey we really had to boot-strap and be patient. Aside from that we have been on track taking a step-by-step approach. We had a great user-feedback on more than 700 demo-sessions in 2019 on our first prototype! We also passed a seed-round end of 2020 that allowed us to build our MVP and bring LifeDrop to the market. We already have our first revenues too, by selling LifeDrop to a clinic!

This is what we love about startups, it doesn’t matter the struggles, our members show us how resilience can bring success! Congratulations. To finish up, share with our readers why you joined the SSA and how you think the startup landscape will develop.

The startup scene in Switzerland is – and will continue to grow, of course! LifeDrop joined the SSA upon recommendation as we were looking for avenues to strengthen our network with other founders. Importantly, we want to be able to support one another and leverage our knowledge sharing with other founders and stakeholders within our society. We’re looking forward to meet them all.

And we are happy to have you join our community! All the best!

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