Hey, Svetlana – who are you and what is Breess?

I am the founder of Brees! We are an innovative and future-oriented market-place for all those who want to tap their full potential through coaching and mentorship. Do only managers and top athletes need coaching? Wrong!

Right! Personal coaching seems to really be getting traction. How would you define your mission at Breess?

Giving access to learn from those who have done what you want to – from anywhere and anytime.
We believe that success and impact start with a network of mentors and coaches.

Supporting lifetime learning is a great ambition to follow. What´s been the most exciting part for you and the team so far?

Its a huge joy to see more and more experts joining our platform. It´s an absolutely new experience to run a crowdfunding. *Smiley Face*

And we are looking forward to following and supporting your success! So, tell our community why you chose to join the SSA and what Breess hopes to achieve here.

We hope you can help us pass successful Pre-seed and Seed rounds. We joined for many things. It can be very difficult to connect with likeminded people in a competitive startup world. Breess joined thanks to the inclusion, community and connection the SSA provides.

Here to help! You mentioned the competitive startup world; What do you think the startup scene in Switzerland will look like in the coming years?

I envision more diversity and human centered approaches will come rather than at the moment we are very tech and innovation oriented.

Bringing the human touch and human approach back. Interesting! Send us off with a fast fact about Breess!

We have very diverse skills, are female led and with it are so much interned 🙂

Pleasure to have you onboard, Breess! Thanks for your time.

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