Delivering A Better World

Roadz is a young startup that successfully overcame the tests of launching a new company through the COVID19 madness. A team of experts with 30 years of experience in logistics, the company was founded with a clear goal to eliminate empty kilometers in the ecosystem of deliveries.

The services provided are available for both businesses and private users. The Roadz app takes away all the stress regarding deliveries for any kind of goods. You just put in your requirements, find a person driving the direction of the parcel, hand it over and track it on it´s journey. Simple!

By allowing businesses and private users to get in touch with drivers and sharing destinations helps solve the issue of currently over 25% of vehicles running empty in Switzerland. Roadz tapped into this opportunity with their solution by building a strong community where people can take part in a new experience using their services.

The Future Has Unicorns

Although starting through COVID19 which slowed down the development of the company within Zurich for some time, Roadz have achieved getting over 3,000 active users in a very short amount of time. Their successes are guaranteed to continue.

Roadz join the Swiss Startup Association to help strengthen their network within Switzerland and gain insights and support within the startup environment as they develop in their road ahead.

When asking Senef Alic (founder and CEO) about how they envision the future of the startup community in Switzerland, he shared with us that … we have a lot of great startups in Switzerland. This will continue in the coming years with a lot of unicorns! Today with artificial intelligence (which helps enormously in this sense), great things can be created.”

The SSA community is pleased to have another great startup joining the ecosystem. Here´s to finding more unicorns together!

More about Roadz and their Team:

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