Asset Management Support for #ClimateCrisis and #ClimateCatastrophe

Plenitude is an award-winning digital asset management start-up. Their focus lies in helping advisors attract and better serve their sustainability-focused clients. Plenitude offers co-branded and white-label solutions for various financial alleys such as wealth managers, banks, pension funds and IFAs who wish to support their customers align their investments with their values to avert climate catastrophes and they also provide ESG advisory service.

So how does Plenitude do this? “We provide a B2B RoboAdvice platform that incorporates consumers’ views on ESG issues as well as their attitudes to risk before providing tailored investment guidance,” says Co-Founder Geilan Malet-Bates.

Driven by the belief that the future of investment is ESG investment, Plenitude focus their energy on reducing climate related risks that our future generations would have to face. “Our vision is one in which “ESG investing” is so widespread and is simply known as “investing”. Evidence has shown that there is growing demand globally for this approach. This comes at a time of significant digital disruption within the wealth management industry with a new wave of asset managers, and technology-driven structural change driving new business models like hybrid and automated wealth management which we tap into.”

From Antarctic Adventures to Learning & Networking in Switzerland

Antarctic Adventures? That’s right! Fun fact: one of the team members of Plenitude took part in an expedition to Antarctica which in part looked at the effect of climate change on the Beardmore Glacier. They walk the talk!

The team at Plenitude see that the Swiss startup environment continues to gather momentum. They comment specifically on the support they see the Swiss government is giving to sustainable fintech startups. “For us, combining those two factors leads to a winning equation that’s more than the sum of it’s parts. We’re very hopeful and excited for what the future holds in the next 5 years here in Switzerland!”

Plenitude joined the Swiss Startup Association to be part of this growth and development and to use the platform to continue to grow and network within this ecosystem. We are excited to have a Londoner startup with their headquarters in Zurich on board and welcome them as we embark on this journey together.

More about Plentitude and their Team:

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