Essento Insect Food

Making Insects Delicious!

Established in 2013, Essento has been promoting edible insects as a tasty alternative protein source with high nutritious values which is also kind for our planet and has the potential to secure a healthy, balanced diet for everyone.

The team at Essento is driven by their mission to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for everyone. Not just for today but for our future. And in a way that is good for our planet too. In their Zurich production area, they are manufacturing, developing, producing and marketing tasty food innovations based on farmed food insects coming from Switzerland and the EU. Essento´s menu of products contains insect burgers, protein bars and insect snacks. You can try their products today, available on their own online shop or in selected supermarkets!

Nothing Is Impossible

Burdens are real. When Essento first started in 2013, it was illegal in Switzerland and the EU to sell edible insects as consumable food… However, with the collaboration of NGOs and other supportive partners, they were able to change Swiss food regulations to allow for sales of food with insects as of May 2017!

Fun Fact: Regardless of their drive and vision for Essento, most of the team had their own mental burdens about eating insects! Now, it’s just become normal for them.

Celebrating their successes and developments (and ease of eating insects!), Essento joins the Swiss Startup Association “to show other founders that you just need to believe in yourself and your idea to succeed and nothing is impossible!” says Franzi Westermair, Community & Events Lead.

The team is hoping to inspire others to join their food revolution and to motivate the ecosystem to come up with ideas for a better, healthier tomorrow, as only with a massive change in our current food system we can eat the world a better place. Essento see the future of the Swiss startup environment having a raise in companies and interest regarding environmental topics. By joining the Swiss Startup Association, they look forward to networking with like-minded people.

More about Essento Insect Food and their Team:

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