Earlybyte GmbH joins the Swiss Startup Association as a member with expertise in digitalization, development and integration.

Don´t be late, be Earlybyte!

Founded in 2018, Earlybyte is a digital product agency startup, building mobile, web and IoT solutions in collaboration with their clients. Ensuring tailored solutions from concept creation to full product roll-out, Earlybyte´s current target customer group is Swiss companies which want to simplify their everyday life through digitization and keep up in pace with modern solutions.

Mike Schälchli (Co-Founder and CEO) tells us more: “We want to make everyday life easier and more efficient with software solutions. We create an easy, fast and transparent process and work in an experimental, yet professional way. We are never too busy to innovate and enjoy thinking outside the box. We like to challenge ourselves and to participate in hackathons.

”The company was co-founded by a team of five enthusiasts with engineering backgrounds from a variety of industries and sectors, allowing Earlybyte to cover a wide range of technical solutions for its customers.  Their hard-working and well-organised culture keeps the team driven towards their common goal efficiently. This is why the team at Earlybyte call themselves “Earlybees”… and their work and creativity pays off!

In November 2020, Earlybyte supported Basler Versicherung in winning third place in the innovation prize for Schweizer Aussekuranz with the “eSi-Mobile-App” they developed. Earlybyte has not only secured awards and won hackathons but it has also successfully completed major projects with clients like Cleanfix, doubled its team in size and is currently working on its own sustainable project called Awarebear, which is supported by the city of Zurich.

Becoming Your Own Boss

Getting up and running was not an easy feat for Earlybyte and the team. When they established the company, not everyone who co-founded committed to staying when the time came to quit their full-time jobs and shift focus. Establishing tasks and responsibilities was a challenge but with time, things fell into place and the struggles of finding a ground slowly dissipated.

Goal oriented, Earlybyte turned its challenges into great success and now shares these with us and our community. The team at Earlybyte looks forward to connecting with like-minded people via the Swiss Startup Association and is keen to strongly present themselves within the community.

Earlybyte believes that in the future, the Swiss startup market will grow thanks to the desire of Gen Y and Gen Z to become independent and seek purpose in their professional life – “they want to be their own boss”, Mike shares.

Joining the Swiss Startup Association gives Earlybyte the opportunity to collaborate with other small companies and to find inspiration across industries and professionals to find positive and dynamic synergies to use. We are happy to welcome them onboard to support our mission!

More about Earlybyte and their Team: https://www.earlybyte.ch/

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