Join us in welcoming Katarina, a startup in healthcare, as a member of the Swiss Startup Association.

Promoting Well-Being with Digital Solutions

Katarina was founded on the principle and challenge of creating a world full of good health and promote well-being for all.

With the innovative and digital solutions Katarina provide, doctors now have more energy and time to devote to the practice of medicine and to their patients thanks to the simplification of copious administrative processes. Their technology was adapted and developed by health professionals to ensure the highest quality of patient care.

The team at Katarina work towards the creation of a health system that puts the patient and medicine at the center of concern for doctors, nurses and assistants.

Their platform is readily available for patients, health professionals, medical establishments, pharmacies, analytic laboratories, radiology centres and hospitals covering a significant part of the healthcare industry.

Currently Katarina have reached full implementation in Switzerland and are working on mobile solutions for medical monitoring in relations to COVID19 in Afghanistan.

Supporting Exponential Growth and Innovation within Switzerland with the SSA

As Katarina are experiencing first hand, times of crisis often trigger stress factors which stimulate durable innovation within our society. Because of this, the team at Katarina believe that in the coming years, the Swiss startup scene will grow exponentially with connections around the world as companies seek multi-disciplinary talent and the entrepreneurial landscape expands.

Their view is that Switzerland is one of the most innovative countries in the world, but falls behind when it comes to implementation or adoption. By joining the SSA community, Katarina are looking forward to playing their part in changing and shaping the Swiss the startup landscape towards an environment which benefits everyone.

As they say, “success is in the details” and by sharing knowledge, network and collaborating, we can collectively ensure that we are all doing the best we can to come that step closer to perfection! We are fully onboard and are excited to begin our journey together.

More about Katarina and their Team: katarina.xyz

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