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Founded in 2016, Vatorex is a startup committed to creating innovative and ecological solutions for the beekeeping community, to enable healthier bees and a sustainable planet. The team at Vatorex is driven by the goal to save honeybees by creating eco-positive alternatives to the out-of-date and harmful products still used by the apiculture industry. Working specifically to protect beehives from the varroa mite (the most significant threat to honey bees), the Vatorex suite of beekeeping technology has grown from its patented chemical-free varroa treatment, to include digital hive management and monitoring solutions. Vatorex´s client base reaches across 14 countries already and ranges from commercial to hobbyist beekeepers. With such an innovative solution to a crucial environmental problem, Vatorex have been awarded some of Switzerland’s most recognized startup prizes such as Venture Kick, De Vigier, Swiss Innovation Challenge and the Umweltpreis. Another highlight for Vatorex was being a finalist at the SEIF in September 2020, receiving 1.6 million in funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. Currently the company is in the Seed stage and will be looking to begin its series A funding in 2021.

Vatorex joined the Swiss Startup Association early on to strengthen the nationwide initiative to deliver more value to startups from different areas and stages, bundling our forces together. Although Vatorex is developing with many successes and with a strong trajectory, like all startups, they also faced their burdens and challenges. When asked about this, Vatorex shared with us that for them, the commitment and energy needed to translate a vision into reality was quite a weight to bare as they started. However, having a community of supporters and an environment which took them seriously, really supported them to power through and reach where they are now. By joining the Swiss Startup Association, Vatorex are eager to strengthen the community of supporters for startups by being part of a perfect networking tool for contacting other startups and stakeholders.

Vatorex envision the startup environment in Switzerland continuing to thrive over the next decade – without a doubt. With “cross-pollination” taking place between regional hot spots, the scene will grow and so will the collaboration on a national and international level leaving regional hubs being less contained but rather, open bordered. Vatorex strongly believe that Switzerland will continue to be at the forefront of global innovation, as the economic and societal role of technology continues to increase. Vatorex are on board to support the Swiss Startup Association by helping shape this future through education, creating startup benefits and special supportive programmes together with the SSA community. As Vatorex and other startups contribute to the mission of the Swiss Startup Association now, the outcomes we create together will be mutually beneficial over time and we agree with Vatorex that this is where true value is created. We look forward to our collaboration and building the future of the Swiss startup ecosystem together!

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