Hey, Steasy®, Welcome to the Swiss Startup Association!

The co-founder team at Steasy® are former ZHAW students who came together with a simple and warming goal: to allow their customers, wherever they may be, to enjoy a hot meal completely independently. Cue in the Steasy®, a portable lunch-box-sized steamer with sophisticated design that can be controlled via an app with various other digital and autonomous functions. The device enables a high quality method for heating food, ensuring nutrients remain in the heated food and there is no compromise on flavour. The steamer also has a rechargeable battery providing reliable energy even without a power cable or without otherwise required infrastructure. Steasy® are preparing their first client test phase with a group of customers who can use Steasy® in their daily lives.

Steasy® joined the Swiss Startup Association because they believe that together, we can better represent and promote the interest of startups in our environment. The team at Steasy® see the startup scene in Switzerland gaining more traction as well as a higher profile within Swiss politics and media, but here are still barriers and difficulties for startups, such as finding the suitable investors for projects. By joining the Swiss Startup Association, Steasy® are looking to support other startups by helping to minimize these complexities as well as help grow the awareness of young companies in Switzerland. Aligned as ever in our goals, we are excited to have Steasy® join the Swiss Startup Association community!

More about Steasy® and their Team:

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