VideoJobs joins the Swiss Startup Association growing networking opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Based in Zurich, VideoJobs creates digital company profiles enabling brands to share their unique story and share a genuine overview of their products, work culture and team spirit. The Company Profiles with videos and pictures can be embedded into job boards and websites. Both co-founders had previously experienced long distance recruiting processes and suffered from the uncertainty about work environment and future team members. They uncovered a common problem many applicants and companies face in these truly global times. By creating their own media content, they craft virtual interviews and workspace presentations with the team members. The video testimonials, pictures and texts are displayed in a modern and enjoyable way using a popular and relatable framework used by Hulu and Netflix, called Next.js. Thanks to the latest technologies, they are able to combine agility and speed. The production of new features and opportunities for scalability can be implemented within short periods of time.

VideoJobs’ vision is to create an enjoyable candidate experience for the current and future generations of job seekers. They are still at an early stage and focus on helping companies actively looking for new employees. The VideoJobs platform was launched 4 months ago and is counting over 10 company profiles and the first integrations into job boards. 

Videojobs joined the Swiss Startup Association as they knew Raphael Tobler (an SSA board member) and thoroughly enjoyed his passion for the startup world. Keen to be part of the community, VideoJobs believe being part of the SSA gives them and other young companies the opportunity to network and discuss challenging topics in a like-minded environment, looking for solutions together. When asked what their barriers were as they developed their company, they mentioned that getting real and honest feedback from scratch and lack of voluntary one-to-one mentoring were a struggle for them. Along that comes what many other startups face in early stages, the fear, risk, chaos and sometimes loneliness. By joining the SSA, VideoJobs value the opportunity of joining a network of constant support, a firm network of entrepreneurs and meeting trailblazers. Looking at the future of the start up scene in Switzerland, the VideoJobs team believes that there will be a large number of Startups taking advantage of the developing digital era to quickly deliver tools to simplify the life of many companies within their ecosystem. We too are strong believers that startups are fast, agile and fearless and that these qualities will give them a significant advantage within the Swiss professional environment, full of opportunities. Welcome to the team, VideoJobs!

More about VideoJobs and their Team: Website

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