kinastic joins the Swiss Startup Association to make us (literally) stronger than ever!

kinastic is a young Swiss company providing an advanced fitness and lifestyle platform for middle to large enterprises. With their multi-industry platform, kinastic connects and motivates employees and/or clients from corporate health service providers, health insurances and low-cost gyms to live a healthier lifestyle. Their mission is to empower everyone to become and remain the fittest version of themselves through their developed technology.

kinastic is confident that the startup scene in Switzerland will grow in the next five to ten years, gain more importance in society and receive more economic and political support. At present, there are clear barriers that limit and slow down the innovative character, such as the overly complex legal, regulatory and tax environment and limited access to investors.

They have seen a lot of startups in Switzerland facing similar challenges and believe that by joining the Swiss Startup Association, we can create an environment of mutual support and make bigger and faster steps towards a successful future, together. We are very pleased to have them join our community so we can collaborate on strengthening our voice and making Switzerland the number one hub for startups in Europe.

kinastic is a team of 9 ambitious individuals with experience in all business areas required for their company’s success led by Michael Kubli and José Rota, the two co-founders. Learn more about kinastic and their Team on: Website

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