Welcome, collectID as a member of the Swiss Startup Association.

Founded in 2018 to solve the growing problem of fake and counterfeit goods, collectID developed a product authentication ecosystem by combining blockchain and NFC chip technology. Their goal? To be the Paypal of authenticity. Coupled with a personalised app providing consumers with their own portfolio of goods, collectID provides an easy method for individuals to trade certified items in an extended secondary market and shopping experience, enhancing opportunities not only for individuals but for the brands and retailers alike in a secure system. They released their first software in 2019 entering the fashion and sports merchandising markets as their initial industries.

collectID joined the Swiss Startup Association to support what they believe to be a great ecosystem providing valuable exchange opportunities with other startups. With their growing success, they choose to give something back to other founders of startups in Switzerland which are making their journey into the market by providing their own insights and support. When asked about what they considered their biggest burdens to be whilst establishing their company, they shared that turning the first proof of concept into long term partnerships along with winning bigger clients over to confidently buy into their idea was not easy. Winning the Pitching Battle at the Swiss Startup Days in 2019 and their developing business we can say with certainty that it’s a barrier overcome! Sharing their relevant view on how COVID19 impacted startups, collectID noted that the situation actually created big opportunities with better ideas, more money in new solutions to be invested and great talent entering the “playground”. They believe the startup environment in Switzerland will continue to grow.

The team at collectID is driven by working on a project that is exciting to them and to connect with other like-minded people along their journey. With the same drive, we are very happy to have collectID be part of the Swiss Startup Association and look forward to future collaboration, making Switzerland the hub for startups.

More about collectID and their Team: Website
The team of collectId exists of a Core Team, the heart of mission and all operations and the Advisory Board.

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