Many young people still lack the awareness that the step into entrepreneurship can be taken at an early age. As a non profit organisation, it is our aim to bring the startup world closer to the students and to arouse their interest in starting their own business – regardless the sector.
Young people are the future of the Swiss economy! Their ideas and commitment are the seeds for the next generation of entrepreneurs.
Fostering the younger generation is also important because the entrepreneurial skills can be useful in other situations. That is why it is necessary to be the helping hand and show them their possibilities!
Inspiring the talents of tomorrow at an important stage in the decision-making process for their career is a necessary step in order to have more founders and thus more innovation in Switzerland. Let’s support the younger generation on their journey of becoming the backbone of future SMEs and Corporates.


Two different programs have been setup for schools to choose from.

  1. Guest speaker: Young and successful entrepreneurs hold guest lectures at high schools. The speakers can convey to the students the topics covered in class in a practical and inspiring way. The lesson is designed to be exciting and interactive so that students can participate with their own initiative!
    Duration: 60 minutes (1 lesson)
  2. Workshop: Through theory and active participation of the students, they are introduced to the path of a startup idea. This lesson contains brainstorming, the set up of a lean canvas model, the creation of a pitch deck and a sales pitch. The students develop their own idea in groups, pitch it and receive feedback from the experts.
    Duration: 180 minutes (4 lessons)


The Swiss Startup Association made the concept, organises and coordinates the Youth Entrepreneurship initiative. We contact the high schools, schedule the timeplan and provide the presentation as well as the workshop material. The guest speakers are selected by the board of the SSA. They are well known, trustworthy founders or co-founders. Their startup must be at least 3 years old, have an MVP out on the market with customer interaction.
Every guest speaker can be needed 1-3 times a year.
The guest lectures and workshops are being held in German, French and Italian, depending on the region where the high school is based.

Our long term goals

By providing these programs, we take action on the importance of inspiring and picking up the younger generation in terms of entrpreneurship!
Our long term goals can be summarised in three points:

  1. We want to expand and institutionalise our Youth Entrepreneurship initiative.
  2. We want to bring more startup spirit and focus into the existing Wirtschaftswochen – Ernst Schmidheiny Stiftung.
  3. The topics of startups, innovation and entrepreneurship should be anchored in Switzerland’s overall education.

Want to become a guest speaker?

Do you match the criteria mentioned above and want to inspire the next generation by sharing your expertise and experience?

Complementary and recommended projects

As a public service provider, the Gebert Rüf Foundation makes an important contribution to digital and innovative development in schools. The funding programmes are aimed at teachers and school administrators with implementation-oriented projects as well as non-profit organisations with a strong network of partners.

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The funding scheme aims to support:

  • bottom-up initiative by teachers and schools of all levels
  • in the field digital learning and teching projects
  • with scaling potential



The funding scheme aims to support:

  • school and extracurricular projects
  • in the field of entrepreneurship
  • with a strong focus on the use of digital technologies.

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