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About Peakora Digital

The Peakora team consists of former executives from high-growth startups such as Beekeeper, Frontify, Blinkist, Tinder and Dropbox. With their innovative collaboration model called “Startup Enablement”, startups finally have the opportunity to work with former startup leaders to build the marketing, sales, operations and strategy systems they need to grow.

Peakora´s services

Stages Based Programs
  • Late Product-Market fit Phase (Product with users and customers in place)
  • Go To Market
  • Scaling
Domain Based Program
  • PMF Measurement (Qualitatively and Quantitatively)
  • Marketing Foundations
    – Ideal Customer Profiles
    – Message-Market fit
    – Unique Selling Proposition
    – Go To Market Strategy
  • Sales Foundation
    – Transition from Founder-Led Sales to Sales Org
    – Sales Process, Pipeline and Playbook creation
    – Reporting & Forecasting
    – Outbound Emailing: Building a high-scale Engine
    – CRM: Professional HubSpot CRM Setup to scale
    – Data-Foundation
    – End-to-End Tracking in CRM
    – Pirate Funnel creation
    – Identification of biggest growth levers
    – Management frameworks
    – North Star
    – Objectives and Key Results
  • Customer Success

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