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The Helsana Group is the leading health and accident insurer in Switzerland. We are providing comprehensive support for private individuals and companies with health issues and in the event of illness or accident. Additionally, we are happy to support you and your company in occupational health management with customized and well-founded measures.

Helsana’s services

We are for Founders because
  • We support our customers in staying healthy for as long as they can.
  • We support our customers in recovering as quickly as possible.
  • We support our customers in living their best life with a chronic illness.
  • We support our customers in life’s key moments.


  • We are the leading health and accident insurer in Switzerland with over 2 Million customers (every 4th person in Switzerland).
  • We have top ratings for service and products.
  • We offer customer care in 10 languages and 24/7 emergency hotline.
  • We provide free health consultation for Helsana policyholders in supplementary insurance.
We are for your Startups because
  • We are at your side for your healthy company with healthy employees.
  • We support your startup in Corporate Health and Wellbeing – from analysis, planning, counselling, evaluation to implementation.
  • With Helsana Business Salary daily sickness benefits insurance, we take the costs of continued salary payments off your hands. This turns unpredictable costs into calculable insurance expenses for you and protects your employees against loss of earnings.
  • If employees have an accident or fall ill at work, this can have serious consequences for their everyday life, employment and thus also their livelihood. Our compulsory accident insurance mitigates these consequences by providing solid basic financial benefits. In addition to compulsory accident insurance, Helsana Business Accident also offers supplementary accident insurance. This allows you to extend the statutory benefits according to your needs.
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Get in touch with our experts for a non-binding consultation.

Mrs. Nicole Celakovsky Steiner, Corporate Health Consultant

Mr. Oliver Zwahlen, Head of Sales Private Customers
Mail :


Oliver Zwahlen, Head of Sales Private Customers, Office Zurich

Nicole Celakovsky Steiner, Corporate Health Consultant

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