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VNTR represents the innovation and venturing teams and initiatives of PostFinance, one of Switzerland’s leading financial institutions. VNTR ensures that PostFinance’s business remains relevant in the future. We identify, build, and invest in new business models that can become scalable and sustainable businesses for PostFinance.

VNTR´s offers:

Innovation development
Open innovation, co-creation, collaboration and methodical support in the innovation process. Implementing joint PoCs, MVPs, CO-STARs, RATs, pilot projects and experiments.
Specialist expertise
Access to the network and innovation community of PostFinance, the Swiss Post Group and external partners.
Access to useful knowledge and information
Talks, lectures, workshops, tours of the lab.
Workspaces and co-working
ZID in Stettlen (BE), the start-up space in Schlieren (canton of Zurich).
Communication and marketing
Improved reach for your start-up with the aid of media and events.

Financial support and investments, C-level governance (ideas, venturing).

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