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Financial Story Telling – What counts? How do you count it? Make it count! Our team of experienced entrepreneurs and financial experts assists startups on-demand and peer-to-peer, allowing founders to own their financial story while focusing on where they matter most.

Our Offers:


Our team of experienced entrepreneurs helps you identify what matters. Hire us as Financial Experts to benchmark and profile your financial story. Get a high level road map and gain trust in your decisions.

How long is my runway; or which KPI impress investors the most?


Get traction and make progress towards your road map by hiring us as Project Managers. Pick a page from our battle-tested playbook with scalable routines, tools and policies.

Implement a KPI dashboard; or roll out a more comprehensive investor reporting.


As CFO on Demand, we pitch in offering operational relief and expertise. Re-gain time to focus on value creation knowing that execution is in our safe hands. We’ve got this!

Interim replacement of existing CFO; or bridging the open position part-time until it’s time to hire a full-time CFO.


Tap us as your financial storyteller. Gain access to a wide network of potential clients and investors. Play to your strengths while we catapult you towards exponential growth, profitability and exit scenarios.

We represent your firm to investors and clients actively sourcing capital and B2B clients among our network.

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