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Running a tech company should be about building your business – winning the best customers and hiring the best talent, wherever they’re based. You shouldn’t be spending time and energy worrying about what happens if the Swiss Franc strengthens this year or if the Euro falls next quarter.

Bound is a fintech company based in London, UK that helps venture-backed tech companies manage their currency risk. Our customers want to be smart about foreign currencies so they can worry less about the impact of exchange rates when doing business with international customers or suppliers. By using Bound’s platform to convert currencies, manage risk and instruct payments, Bound users can free up time to focus on their core business.

Many Swiss startups have to deal daily with CHF, EUR, USD and other currencies. Bound’s platform can put you in the driver seat to manage your business wherever it takes you. Startups and tech companies based in the UK, Europe and the US transact tens of millions of dollars via the Bound platform each month. Start today!


How much currency risk is hiding your finances?

Bound can help you quantify how much money you could lose if exchange rates move against you this year.


Do you want to spend more time on your core business by using automated solutions that can help you to optimize your currency usage?

Bound’s tools can work like currency cruise-control settings for your treasury team. Set up a program manager by:

  • Selecting a risk profile that fits your business.
  • Keeping your foreign currency projections up to date in the Bound app.

Want to make your life easier when doing month-end reconciliations or when creating your quarterly financial statements? Integrate your bank account and bookkeeping software to automatically report and reconcile your foreign currency transactions.

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Have a recurring use-case with foreign currencies flowing constantly in and out of your business? Contact us about our APIs to manage your currency risk in your sleep.

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