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Our platform offers small businesses affordable and efficient solutions to effortlessly comply with laws and security standards.

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Loss of data

We ensure that your sensitive data is managed securely by ensuring the traceability of data access. This is how we minimize the risk of data loss and ensure the security of your data.

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Hacker Attacks

Our comprehensive cyber security platform reduces your cyber risk and protects you from business disruption. Preventive solutions prevent hacker attacks and protect your company.


We support you in making your employees aware of IT security. This minimizes the risk of negligence errors and helps keep your company safe.

Loss of Control

We help you take control of your data and make sure your data is safe and secure. This allows you to focus on your core business and not worry about cyber threats.


Reimer Van Der Vlugt (CEO)

Pascal Arnold (CMO)

Kris Kormany (COO)

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