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An obvious choice

There are clear benefits for all investors joining our ecosystem

As an investor joining the Swiss Startup Association you can benefit from a variety of different advantages, whether it’s access to our startup network, joining the unified investor factsheet initiative or enjoying hearing from startups that already have some knowledge about fundraising. Don’t miss out!

Alex Fries Co-founder & Partner Alpana Ventures SA
«Switzerland is not currently taking advantage of its great innovation which is why the SSA is so important. Some of the best ideas in the world come out of the various Swiss Labs and with the support of the SSA, the regulatory framework will be guaranteed.»
Cornelia Gut Director Stiftung Startfeld
«With the SSA representing Swiss startup needs, startups get the opportunity to have ONE voice and be heard.»
Michael Baier Senior Associate Wenger Vieli | Dr. iur. | LL.M. | Attorney at law | Civil Law Notary
«The SSA is important because it brings all stakeholders of the ecosystem together by providing platform for young entrepreneurs to find help and reach out o peers, service providers and corporations.»
Swiss startups community

Benefit from access to our network

Our community of Swiss startups is vibrant and constantly growing and, as an investor, you will have access to its entire network.

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Startup education

We provide education about funding and other topics (so you don't have to)

We are committed to educating our startup members on various topics, including fundraising and legal issues. To do that, we have started online Education Sessions and have published a number of blog articles on the topics as well. We also provide a comprehensive list of investors. When our startup members reach out to you, they already have a certain base of knowledge and you don’t have to do the hard work.

More efficiency

One Investor Factsheet for the whole of Switzerland

One of our goals is to implement a Switzerland-wide investor factsheet template. Our partners are already benefitting from this standardised and efficient way to apply for funding. You can join this initiative too!

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