Webinar: Bootstrapping vs. Venture Money

This is the fifth webinar from the Webinar Series “How do I turn my Startup Idea into a business?” hosted by the Swiss Startup Association and Holycode.

This webinar will provide valuable insights for entrepreneurs at a critical juncture in their startup journey, helping them make informed decisions about the most suitable funding path for their specific circumstances.
We will:
  • Explore the importance of evaluating the current state of the startup, considering factors like team strength, the existence of a minimum viable product (MVP), and initial revenue streams.
  • Discuss the benefits and downsides of bootstrapping and the Venture Capital Pros and Cons
  • Discuss how the scalability of the business and its growth goals play a crucial role in deciding between bootstrapping and venture capital.
    And much more.

Date: 28 February

Time: 12.00-13.00

  • Laurent Decrue, Co-CEO & CFO Holycode, Former CEO Bexio,  Founder MOVU, Co-Founder Holycode, passionate Investor, Board member and Dad
  • Nicholas Hänny, Co-Founder, CEO & CMO NIKIN
  • Patrick Deuss, CEO of LEDCity AG, Energy Efficient & Autonomous Lighting
  • Belén Bolliger, Co-Founder of OiOiOi, building a circular future, revolutionizing the children clothing industry  

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About Holycode:

Holycode is a Software Development company founded by serial entrepreneurs in 2014. Holycode is based in Switzerland, Serbia, and Romania and focuses on delivering all kinds of development services to Startups and Scaleups.

About the Swiss Startup Association

The Swiss Startup Association is the umbrella organization and the voice of the Swiss Startups. We shape the startup landscape in Switzerland by improving the conditions for startups on a political and educational level and providing them with the necessary viability.

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