Our Benefits for our Startups!

As an umbrella organisation within the Swiss startup-ecosystem, we interact with all players to make Switzerland the #1 startup hub of Europe. To achieve this goal, startups should not only be given a voice in politics or society, but also access to various IT tools and other benefits.

Among the tools listed, startups can benefit from great offers and develop further. Pick out your matching offers and redeem them.

As a startup you can benefit from the following offers…

Chargebee Startup SSAStripe Startup SSAAmazon Startup SSAHubspot Startup SSA
ChargebeeStripeAmazon Web Services HubSpot
Rise Plan for free50% on Stripe Atlas & CHF 10,000 credits10k credits for free30% on Growth Platform
Subscription Billing & Revenue Operations for Fast-growth B2B SaaS.Stripe simplifies payments for your startup.A reliable, scalable, and secure place for your data.Focus on hitting your goals — not managing a stack of scattered tools.
For each startupFor each startupFor each startupFor each startup
Amplitude Startup SSAInVision Startup SSAZendesk Startup SSABatch Startup SSA
1 year for free on Growth Plan3 prototypes for free for 6 month6 months for free80% on Startup Plan
Amplitude is the product intelligence platform that helps teams convert, engage, and retain customers.Design Better, faster, together with InVision. Things are changing fast. But you can be faster. Easily manage push notifications, in-app messages, web push.
For each startupFor each member of each startupFor each startupFor each startup
Ludus One STartup SSAGetbeamer Startup SSACrisp Startup SSAPixelMe Startup SSA
50% on Solo, Team Plan 50% for 6 months on Startup-Plan 30% on Unlimited Plan20% for 12 months
Limitless creativity for your startups.Update and engage users effortlessly.Go from 0 to 1 by collecting valuable feedback from your customers.Retarget your visitors from any third-party websites.
For each startupFor each startupFor each startupFor each startup
Spark Hire Startup SSAUpflow Startup SSAdoodle Startup SSADocSend Startup SSA
20% on annual plans20% on all plans10% on Team Plan90% on annual plans
Simple Video Interview Software – Make better hires faster than ever before.Collect customer payments effortlessly.Organise meetings faster with efficient scheduling.DocSend allows you to securely share your pitch deck and streamline fundraising.
For each startupFor each startupFor each startupFor each startup
Bexio Startup offer SSAIntegromat Startup offer SSAPandaDoc Startup Offer SSAFrontify Startup offer SSA
30% on all plans3.6k USD credits for all plans20% on all annual plans50% on Starter-Plan 
It’s easier with the right tool: bexio, the business software.Integromat – the glue of the internet.Beyond eSignature: Document automation for fast-moving teams.The all-in-one brand management platform, enriching brands with consistency and clarity.
For each startupFor each startupFor each startupFor each startup
Automate.io Startup offer SSA
30% on annual plans
Integrate your cloud applications. Automate marketing, sales and business processes.
For each startup