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What we fight for

We are here to ensure that there will be a new generation of successful startups in Switzerland at all times. From daily business to political statements – we will always support startup founders and entrepreneurs.

Startup Visa

Switzerland deserves the best talents.

Investor Factsheet

One standardised factsheet for the ecosystem.


Improvement and unification in the taxation of employee shares.

Youth Entrepreneurship

Implement entrepreneurship as a career possibility.

Move forward by giving back

To be able to continue to fight for these goals, we need your help. We can successfully focus on improving the conditions of the startup ecosystem only if the financing of our projects is certain.

Important to mention is that we are a non-profit organisation and the entire board, the advisory board, as well as the volunteers, work without a salary. After building a solid foundation, the Swiss Startup Association will be able to finance itself through membership fees, partnerships, and projects.

We have raised 53'000


with the support of 66


and 30


Thank you

Enablers - we are giving back!

Bettina Hein serial entrepreneur, startup investor and marketing expert
Andreas Goeldi internet technologist, serial entrepreneur and startup investor
Christian Wenger startup investor, digital shaper and attorney at law
Paul E. Sevinç entrepreneur, technologist, founder of Doodle.com and co-initiator of Ledgy.com
Manuel Grenacher serial tech entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Unique, founder of Coresystems and Mila
Alan Frei CMO Amorana at Lovehoney Group
Matthias Brunner entrepreneur and investor at various industries and companies, former co-partner at Infinigate
Maria Zazo Head Ecosystem Mobility at AXA
man in crowd wearing jeans jacket Frontify Team Startup, St.Gallen
Niklas Nikolajsen Founder and Chairman Bitcoin Suisse AG
Cyrille Boinay Business facilitator & coach, Serial entrepreneur, co-founder of DPS Skis, Bcomp AG, Lars Brillen AG, Ileve District. Branding and marketing specialist
Beat Scheidegger Verwaltungsrat - Unternehmer - Lehrbeauftragter
Mike Baur Swiss Venture Investor
Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler Chief Digital Officer, Swisscom Group
Joel Roos Founder of vay.ai, Managing Director Nautilus Switzerland, former pro athlete
Andreas Brenner Founder & Chairman Avrios
man in green sweater and blazer Ben Simon Entrepreneur & Investor
Michael Maximilian Mueller Co-CFO at Raisin DS
Swisspreneur Team Nonprofit on a mission to promote and advance entrepreneurship in Switzerland
Hermann Arnold Co-founder/co-initiator 42hacks
Adrian Locher Founder & CEO of Merantix
person in a suit smiling Paul Hanley Managing Director Frank Recruitment Group
Tobias Hackermann wearing a black shirt Tobias Häckermann Co-Founder & CEO Sherpany
rounded rready logo rready Team Startup, Zurich
Maximilian Groth Co-Founder & CEO Decentriq
Max M. Dietz CEO at Assaia – The ApronAI
Oliver Walzer Co-Founder & COO at Swiss Startup Group AG
Andreas Fischler Founder Impactfoundersclub, Co-Founder PopUpPiazza, Startup Investor & former CEO of Frontify
Pascal Kaufmann Founder & CEO Mindfire
Elian Kool Investor Gentian Investments AG

Melanie Gabriel, Co-founder & CMO Yokoy | Arijana Walcott, Entrepreneur, Investor & Board Member | Miro Hegnauer, founder & CEO Konova AG | Michael Dudli, founder & CEO Xelon | Raphael Tobler, co-founder & CEO eduwo | Gregory Inauen, co-founder grape health | Fabian Mächler, co-founder grape health | Simon Furer, director of finance Auterion | Pascal Brunner, CEO Vatorex AG | Péter Fankhauser, CEO & co-founder ANYbotics | Heinz Karrer, Präsident des Stiftungsrates bei UniBE Foundation | Alex Fries, co-Founder Alpana Ventures SA | Fabian J. Birchler, credit risk analyst swisspeers | Andreas Iten, co-founder & CEO F10 | Patrick Mark, Start-up Lawyer, Entrepreneur and Investor | Anastasia Mihajlova, Business Development & Operations EuroTube Foundation | Yingbo Seiler, Representative at Shenzhen European Office in Switzerland | Gian Sbetta, VCs & Startups at AWS | Sandro Berchier, Senior Associate Consultant Bain & Company | Mugeeb Hassan, VP of Engineering at omo health | Dorian Ebneter, CEO BV4 | Alyssia Kugler, Executive Corporate Communications Farner Consulting, Board EC Winterthur | Léa Miggiano, Co-Founder & CMO Carvolution | Ertan Wittwer, Founder bestsmile | Monika Krewer, collaboration coach and startup advisor | Christian Sutter, Co-Founder Mympact | Chantal Schmelz, Head of Corporate communication Dali Discount | Ankit Anand, Vice President of Software Engineering Sleepiz AG | Valentin Binnendiijk, Co-founder and CPO Aioma | Thomas Banz, Berater Klara.ch | Jonas Krauss, Vice President of Business Sleepiz AG | Nicholas Hänny, CEO & CMO Nikin AG | Jeremias Meier, Partner at session.vc, bexio Co-Founder | Iwona Fluda, Ministry of Creativity GmbH | Sophie Lamparter, Founder & Managing Partner DART Labs | Andy Schwarzenbach, Inhaber BlackRiver, Gründer Hitzberger & Startup-Exit.ch | SalesPlaybook, Helping committed B2B Entrepreneurs scale sales | Ksenia Tugay, Strategic Innovation Expert Groupe Mutuel | Cédric Waldburger, General Partner & Founder Tomahawk.VC | James Miners, Head of startup & innovation programs Font

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Together we can level up the whole Swiss startup ecosystem from pre-seed to IPO!

Due to high handling fees for Twint and PayPal, we recommend you donate via bank transfer.
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Bank: Zürcher Kantonalbank
Account holder: Swiss Startup Association
IBAN: CH17 0070 0110 0058 2680 4

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How it works

  1. You choose an amount and donate it via bank transfer, TWINT or PayPal.
  2. We get in touch with you to collect your details and send you a post template for LinkedIn.
  3. Post it and share with the world that you are committed to a successful startup ecosystem! If you want: nominate 3 other founders by tagging them.

Join the mission! And support future founders.

What does the operations team do?

The operations team consists of a managing director and two interns. As the interface between the strategic board, the operative volunteers, and relevant stakeholders of the Swiss startup ecosystem they are the heart of our organization. They realize ideas, lead projects, coordinate the volunteers and ensure that the association works efficiently towards the same goals.

What makes the Swiss Startup Association unique?

The Swiss Startup Association is the non-profit umbrella organization of the Swiss startup ecosystem. Thanks to our Advisory Board and Board of Directors, we are well connected and benefit from their different backgrounds in startups, politics, and versatile businesses. This power helps us create a voice for Swiss founders and represent startups in politics, society, and the economy.

Our two main goals are; more startups and better conditions for existing startups. To achieve these, we are working on different topics and projects. We are always looking to team up with like-minded organizations and individuals in the startup ecosystem in order to create synergies and connect the best of both worlds.

Our current milestones

700 Members: The Swiss Startup Association is growing rapidly.

Events: Over 30 Networking and/or Educational Events per year.

Benefits: Over 35 exclusive offers of various software and services.

Legal Desk: Legal templates and advice from our partner law firms.

List of investors: An overview of the Swiss investor landscape.

Investor factsheet: A document that is accepted by several organizations and thus making the funding process more efficient.

Youth Entrepreneurship: Guest lectures at Gymnasiums throughout Switzerland to pick up the talents of tomorrow.

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