Meet our Premium Member Patrick Matzinger, Executive Chairman at MP Venverse AG

What is your background and previous experience?

Built a computer distribution company from scratch and led it for 3 decades, with 250 employees in 5 countries. Step down as CEO at the end of 2021, but still Chairman of the company.

What is your investment focus?

Our purpose is to navigate the journey from inspiration to impact, thoughtfully converting entrepreneurial ideas and vision into tangible success. Embracing a collaborative spirit, we’re committed to fostering startups that resonate with our core values of empathy, impact, and a shared vision for a more connected and humane world.

Could you tell us more about the investment portfolio you have built so far? 

Several investments in AI and blockchain, such as healthcare, human-like avatars and blockchain micropayment solutions in Mexico. The most recent and core investment is Purpur Ventures, which helps build impactful startups and consulting in the AI/ML space.

Can you provide examples of successful investments you have made in the past?

The most successful one is Littlebit Technology AG, but all others are rather new, I would say the success is that all investments are still active.  

How do you typically add value to the startups you invest in, apart from capital infusion?

We go beyond financial backing, actively collaborating with our portfolio companies.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts, such as data scientists, business strategists, impact advisors, and coaches works closely with entrepreneurs to refine their concepts, develop robust strategies, and adeptly manoeuvre through the complexities of a disruptive world.

How many investments do you make per year?


Can you describe your due diligence process? 

We invest in founders capable of driving innovation, with significant impact to humanity.

How long does the investment decision-making process usually take?

1 month

What level of involvement do you typically have with the companies you invest in? Do you take board seats or have observer rights?

While leveraging our team, we are very deep in the companies and have often equal decision-making rights. 

What is your typical timeline for exiting investments? Are you focused on short-term exits or long-term growth opportunities?

Normally we exit in steps during the seed rounds, while bringing Venture Capital companies into the project.


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