Startup of the Week – enablerr

Let ́s get started! Who are you and what is enablerr?

Hey, I am Philippe Schmidig, Co-Founder & CEO of the start-up enablerr. As developers and users of commercial systems, we have been confronted with the same IT-related problems over and over again: inflexible, limiting, complex and error-prone when they need to be changed – so we created enablerr. With enablerr, we move away from programming to generating the systems. Our system is set up and controlled by means of configurations (plug-ins) which can be used in any other system, Without programming adaptations! We take care of everything on the enablerr market.

Great initiative. What is the mission that drives the team at

We are driven to create change. In an increasingly unpredictable world in which major changes occur abruptly and opportunities open up, it is not only people and companies that have to act flexibly and dynamically but also their business software. But until now, this has not really worked. We are here to provide the solution.

How has your startup journey been so far?

It ́s been great. The challenges have been to get enough Time off for our project. Everything is self-financed at the moment which makes the personal and professional commitment bigger. However, we have a big highlight which is the support granted from Innosuisse with more than CHF 500’000 towards our business! Getting support from the community is key to sustainable growth
and success.

That ́s exactly why we are here. Give us some insights into why you chose to join as an SSA member and what your expectations are.

We believe in the power of community. Together we achieve much more than each of us individually. We expect to get to know innovative and active people and companies through our membership. We would like to push something forward together, really achieve something. We are lucky to live in a stable, secure environment. The future of our Swiss startup landscape looks promising because we have good conditions for it.

Want to learn more about enablerr? Visit their website: www.enablerr.ch



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