CompPair, who are you and what do you do?

Inspired by nature, CompPair brings the healing capability of our flesh to composites. Composites can fully heal matrix damage in just one minute by applying a bit of heat. This additional functionality creates an added value with different benefits, from reducing the repairing costs to increasing the utility and lifetime of products. In short, we help our clients build better products, that last longer, and produce less waste with smart prepregs (textile pre-impregnated with our chemistry) to be processed to obtain structural healable composites!

Techy and very cool. How did you come up with such a specific concept and product?

At CompPair, we believe in a world without materials waste and sustainable development goals are extremely important to us. Our vision is to provide full circularity into the composite industry with our unique product, reducing matrix repair time by 99.8% and enabling a better recycling of broken fibers. In fact, CompPair is the first composite healing system with extremely high potential due to its multiple-repair ability, increased crack-resistance and improved recycling, while preserving conventional properties, cost and processing methods.

I don´t think we have seen a startup within our community working on such technology yet. Do you think this is something we will see more of within the Swiss startup ecosystem?

Like we said before, we believe in a world without material waste, and we also believe that Switzerland is on the right tracks to support us with this vision. In the next five to ten years, we can imagine the development and success of many sustainable and technological startups, which will lead to worldwide ecological advances. We would welcome it, bearing in mind that our very high-tech and unique product is the result of more than 12 years of research at one of the leading research institutions in the world.

Any struggles along the way?

Our biggest burden has been penetrating the market during this complicated year. Indeed, not being able to attend trade shows, travel abroad or meet our clients face to face, has been a challenge for us. We are currently rolling out the first implementations and are confident in the success 2021 will bring!

And on that note – surely there were some successes too…!

Of course! Our biggest success is our first series product, HealTech, which has proved itself and impressed our clients. Secondly, a big success has been the opportunities to carry out development projects with InnoSuisse, Switzerland Innovation and ESA. We also had our first official business trip as a surf excursion where we tested the first ever healable surfboard… that counts, right?

Well, as usual, we would say to focus on the positive. You´ve achieved a lot as a company and as a team already! We are happy to have you join us to celebrate your successes. Any last insights for our reader in regards to why CompPair chose to join the SSA?

We joined knowing that we would benefit from global access to major players in and investors in the Swiss startup ecosystem which is important to us and other Swiss startups. The tools you make accessible to support legal issues and IT discounts will be a huge help too! We hope to create meaningful and beneficial partnerships and links with other players in the ecosystem in order to grow and further expand CompPair!

We are happy to have you join us to celebrate your successes!

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