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A warm welcome from the Swiss Startup Association community, Green-Y. Dominik, as Co-Founder and COO, thank you for taking the time to share about your company. Start us off with some background info!

Our vision is to provide 100% of our energy from renewable sources using fully recyclable technologies, all at lower energy costs for the end customer! Our product and solution to this contributes to 5 UN sustainable development goals and creates not only environmental, but also social and economic impact.

That is a big task and one of utmost importance. Can you tell us some more?

We revolutionize the energy sector. The combination of an electricity storage together with a heating and cooling unit in one decentralized device makes the integration of renewable energy on a large scale possible. Green-Y creates a profitable and efficient system with unrivalled low amortization periods of around 5 years. Green-Y is also eco-friendly by using only air and water as working fluids.

Impactful solutions! We don´t imagine it was easy to build the technology. What was your journey like and where are you today?

Our patented technology is proven on a prototype level and we secured our first customer projects in the residential, commercial and industry sector. The next big milestone for 2021 is the realization of the pilot project in the newly constructed office building of the Switzerland Innovation Park in Biel.
Bringing a revolutionary hardware technology in the energy sector from the idea, over a prototype in the lab, out to the market presented the biggest challenge for us. Nevertheless, we successfully validated our patented technology on the prototype, secured funding, expanded the team and gained a lot of commercial traction with several customer projects signed.

It sounds like you and the team at Green-Y were extremely resilient! We are happy to see you successful and developing.

Well, that’s part of a startup’s game and the failures actually allow you to learn a lot and with this your aim should always be to come back stronger!

Couldn´t agree more! We are happy to have you onboard. To finish up, share with us why Green-Y decided to join the SSA and how you think the Swiss startup scene will develop in time.

We think that the most effective way to move ahead is together and that there are many synergies among the startups. The SSA provides the ideal platform to give the startup ecosystem a common voice in society, business and politics. It allows us to expand our network and maintain contacts to other startups and the entire ecosystem and stay up to date. Additionally, the network also includes investors, which adds another big value. The publicity among the investor circles is utterly important for an early stage startup to increase the chance of closing a funding round. The mindset goes more and more into a sustainable and long-term thinking manner, which promotes the idea of starting the adventure of creating a startup. With the help of organizations like the Swiss Startup Associations, we will support Switzerland to emerge as the #1 startup hub in Europe.

More about Green-Y Energy:

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